Machine translation .Wikipedia - 年齢主義と課程主義 Age principle and the principle of course Source: free encyclopedia "Wikipedia (Wikipedia)" Mobile: Guide to, Search Age principle (ねんれい しゅぎ) and course principle (かてい しゅぎ) and the two conflict in education education on principle. There is meaning that is used in the scene of grade system, admissions system in this language, and the meaning that is used in the scene compulsory education. Age and course principle in sense of the school system and the system is in the school, such as belong to what grade learners ' or moved (up to do) and refers to the standard to judge when determining whether to allow the curriculum what level of giving, of applicants for admission of ideas. Age principle in the pass/fail grades and learning and is determined by learner, College applicants age in this case is in the curriculum principle achievement (proficiency and achievement) learners and of applicants for admission or registration school, learning content, and pass/fail is determined by the situation (education). Usually used in this sense, so in this article, mainly recounts about this. Refers to the criteria for determining age and course principles in the sense of the compulsory education system consider compulsory education period (term of school attendance) begin and end and what ideas. Ends and the compulsory period in this case, reached a certain age by age, after completing certain course course in the period of compulsory education ends. About this educational administration category, so in the article "compulsory education" recounts. Also both the meaning of the school system and the admission and meaning of the compulsory education system in third-party years of principle term is used (see below). English at age principle of the meaning of the school system in the age-grade system (age-grade control) [1] or sometimes Social promotion (social advance) [2] to make a fortune. Table of contents Select hidden 1 Basic commentary 1 Definition of ambiguity 2 Years of Socialist 3 Comparison 4 Misrecognition frequently asked 5 Action 6 Global trend 7 Japan history 7.1 Era of the merit system 7.2 Introduction of age 7.3 Evolution of the role of school 8 Present in the Japan 8.1 Possible school age 8.2 Statistical 8.2.1 Census and first secondary education 8.2.2 Census and late post-secondary 8.2.3 Non-census statistics 8.2.4 Regional differences of statistics 8.3 Thank grades 8.4 Idea of age equivalent grade 8.5 Different age education 8.6 Other 9 In Japan is currently experiencing challenges 9.1 Application for reinstatement denial problem 9.2 School achievement gap 9.3 Discrepancy with the integrated education 9.4 Discrepancy between the law of 9.5 Lack of information 9.5.1 Lack of example 9.5.2 Lack of reference 9.5.3 Lack of statistics 9.5.4 Lack of career information 10 Japan projection 10.1 Movement 10.2 By the democratic changes in 11 Current status of each school in the Japan 11.1 Pre-school education and childcare 11.2 Education 11.2.1 People 11.3 Secondary education 11.4 Late secondary education 11 Higher education 12 Japan from abroad studying in 13 In other countries past and present 13.1 conservation · beginning of secondary education (K-12) 13.1.1 フランス 13.1.2 ア メ リ カ United States 13.1.3 カナダ 13.1.4 ドイツ 13.1.5 ブラジル 13.1.6 オーストラリア 13.1.7 シンガポール 13.1.8, Republic of Korea 13.1.9 People's Republic of China 13.1.10 と region in the world 13.1.11 common 13.2 education 14 -school education に お け る status 15 school social に お け る status 15.1 に お け る understanding of society at large 16 shizhe の views 17 footnotes 18 references 19 related projects 20 external リ ン ク Basic explanations [compilation] Age is in forms that belong to grade student age-dependent, as shown in Figure 1 or class. For this reason in the age of school basically are enrolled only points to the things in this article, not more than one year birthday is the same age students into the same school year, even the same year achievement among students of differ greatly. To leave a good grading graduated from basically, entirely without trouble like A student has to ideal State is unclear. Student b absence period, even reinstatement: return "age equivalent grades (see below). Year after year students c grades due in the middle positive custody will not every to 進級 to continue their education. However, some will cause the transfer to special support class and the supplementary of proficiency education such as. Advanced placement is also not made was omitted in this figure, a good grade students to continue their education each year. However, some proficiency education (development of class the enrichment) and talent development course to occur. Be apart from heterogeneous system a transfer student and transfer students no positive detention nor advanced placement form. Often this term is used to refer to a problem that cannot be enrolled in older issues than in Japan, cannot be enrolled in a grade at younger ages. Course is in forms that belong to a grade learners learning stage-dependent, as shown in Figure 2 or classroom. For this is basically also pupils of different age belong to same grade in the school of course no different achievement among students of the same grade of too much. To help advance otherwise students A comparable school age principle. Back to school if student b absence period that had previously enrolled during the reinstatement. Performance drops like student C has been positive custody the same grade again 履修 to take. You may make for students was omitted in this figure, a good grades, such as advanced placement. You may belong to course be determined by the promotion of three students, such as pure academic achievement, and as determined by the intelligence such as learning situation, such as the attendance days and teaching comprehension level. Often this term is used to refer to that positive detention than the part that occurs in Japan, advanced placement,. In school system in many countries where either of full age or complete course principle, rather strong influence of one degree. For example there is rarely positive detention as well as exemption Japan in the idea of many schools in the compulsory education [3] age principle in pretty close, but because course elements. Conversely high school in the institutional curriculum principle principle is, in many high schools tend to minimum age of students for the realities as there age aspects. Not also imply age principle element is not present, and may not be studying at a larger difference between the the school age general compulsory education with curriculum principle underlying foreign countries, or allow positive detention is only about 2 times. Age principle and principle of course concepts to conflict with each other, but have conflicting concepts as well as course and learning principles. Near moving up regardless of whether acquired tagged actually scholastic curriculum principle is attending classes or idea to credits by years of socialism (see below) similar to the idea, and age and also some idea in. Idea idea not advance in the course of the next acquisition principle (principle of acquisition) actually stick to acquire academic ability, and similar course principle in. However, as described below at the end of this section necessarily definition is not confirmed. However you can think both kind of course. Learning principle is true course principle and the principles course age principle and close to the years of Socialist course principle. Age principle and the principle of course the term is used as criteria when deciding whether or not to allow school college applicants for admission. In cases where a certain age case study selection of age principle is matter applicants ' academic achievement and academic background, allowing entrants to. Age criteria if only the lower limit, the only limit both both are potentially might be. If meets the academic ability and academic standards, regardless of age of applicants selection system of course if you allow entrance. In reality, "15 years or more, and admissions issues in certain taking these points into" that'll cases with age principle and course principles, as possible. (Furthermore, in the sense of the entrance criteria used term "years of principle") The term age and course principle is used as criteria when deciding which means non-assessed standards mentioned and admission to compulsory education start time and end time,. In the age of compulsory education system at the age of compulsory education ends and belong to the grade of school which also end of compulsory education period. For example or exemption, 飛び級 a age-does not change the age of compulsory education ends, even if positive is taken into custody. At what age is completed unless stipulated in the course of compulsory education system continues compulsory education period. Taking age principle in the compulsory education system in many countries, such as Japan. In many areas, along with the modernization of the national compulsory exit criteria is from course principle operations in age principle operations in moves come. Furthermore, in this sense age principle and program principle is assessed standards in age principle and principle of course and no relationship. For example say? France is famous for taking the course principles assessed criteria for any age principle is the compulsory exit criteria and principle of which is doubtful system and principle of which is compulsory education system, there is no relevant. Usage of this sense about "compulsory education". Definition of ambiguity [Edit, About the direction that should be moved up in Japan, with respect to both age and learning stages of education 1947 educational system reform for conscious since approximately 60 years follow suit over previous habits for its reform and research too much on the topic had each term has so much meaning is not arranged. Is therefore the term age principle, years of Socialist, course, course principle, acquisition principle 5, which term in which giving meaning or differently by each scholar, because the definition is not uniform encyclopedia as in even also. For example some encyclopedia encyclopedia described in assessed standards mean age principle and principle of course, but explains the meaning of the compulsory exit criteria. Also interchangeably using age and years of Socialist encyclopedia, encyclopedia interchangeably using registration and acquisition principle also exists. Still in this article, information age principle and the principle of course, in the whole article advance criteria "or what belong to such grades relative to moved up (?)" meaning use, commentary, and in respect of compulsory exit criteria that "what relative compulsory period begins and ends with you?", mentioned on partially used and commentary. There is also the word age principle is used to mean "become a certain age admission and advance cannot be" if and when used to mean "if certain age graduation (dismissal) and assessed to have". There is even the course principles used to mean "without the achievement of certain admission and advance cannot be" if and when used to mean "any achievement of certain early graduation, advanced placement can be". For this reason, focuses on the above things over easy-to-understand is based on individual terms such as "forced students to advance system" and "advance test system", "employs" and "minimum age limit than when to age principle and the principle of course the game as can be. Years of Socialist [Edit, Age and course principles and is a different concept years of Socialist (ねんすう しゅぎ) that is even if you are using the term. You may be used to mean the idea, but often it is used in the Japan age principle equivalent to being moved without positive custody Advanced placement and the school age is old but up and constant period enrollment implications, not increase or decrease enrollment period. For example under the system under the system, as shown in the Japan almost constant is to elementary school preschool age, age and years of socialism will nearly the same meaning, but other countries in preschool age some freely determined with implications different age and age principle is. For example, when 14-year-old graduate if they entered when 8-year-old will be when 12-year-old school you when 6-year-old, even if the term of study school, and decided six years and actually completing six years in graduate, and it becomes. But we all know age socialism differs from school age to the enrollment period is the same as that which can be called years of socialism. I.e., no positive detention and advanced placement system seems to be inappropriate for any differences in school age, the same year same age not clone called age principle. In recent years, Ministry of science and Central Education Commission on the flexibility of school age to consider when to ever grant for another language has been "years of principle" of new meaning these synonymous treated and age principle is to be proposed (see link below). , Deliberate thing in book-Professor Council things in Revelation article In the above three terms to share ideas, that concept located in the middle of the course principles and age generally years principle is has been. However, if there if age principle and principle of course idea to conflict, but age and years of socialism will coexist to (for example school starting age lock) and the parallel course principles and years of Socialist to advance standards only for example attendance days, so years principle is not necessarily conflicts with either the concept. Said years principle is that in many types developed countries. Because, because in developing countries because of the imperfections of system poverty and compulsory education preschool time mismatch it. In other systems on the other hand, years of socialism in the sense of the compulsory exit criteria is that period of school attendance obligation school- of a certain age. Comparison [Edit, Comparison The principle of the age Years of the principle of The principle of course School in the age Constant A certain age for students are the same If different entrance age unknown Undefined School year in scholarship Undefined Admissions for a certain amount to more than In mathematical class according to academic achievement class in the scholastic period Undefined Admissions for a certain amount to more than In mathematical class according to academic achievement class in the scholastic period Constant Advanced placement and positive detention If, in the same system impossible Present rolling transfer from heterogeneous systems Impossible Possible In the advanced age of exemption Impossible Possible Possible Support for people with bad grades Refresher Refresher Positive detention, refresher On performer support Expansion (teaching development) Expansion Advanced placement, expansion Will be moved without considering the students learning phase in the system of age uniformly up to make the same age student the same grade, form the age group in the same year. Also, results how good or bad by (arises, however, become a positive detention by feelings of inferiority and feeling of defeat or different depending on the cultures) that might be due to positive custody to Member grade remains unchanged during defeat of and of inferiority but do not. Some people think that and think about physical fitness and social experience, up stage elementary stage, or junior high in the same year desirable education in the age group. To conduct, such as the Organisation for people with bad grades remedial, performer for expansion (progressive class the enrichment), mathematical class according to skill level [4], admissions proficiency education issues caused by that belong to different achievement into the same school year students, reduce and, in some degree with the individual differences in education. System will be underachievement by the tail and no but conversely, being firmly follow these, too. It also difficult is if people meet such proficiency education learning contents of the "age equivalent grades (see below) and your child's academic achievement gap, however, in 2nd grade level, such as in a significantly different age equivalent grade of learning contents and personal achievement worth learning. In addition, (see also the school-) will be reached people already past the highest grade of equivalent age (JH excess person) is not even admissions. Impossible to no longer receive school education who has been expected of lifelong learning school is not only young people to enjoy, but high age as a reason admissions becomes inaccessible, I couldn't take school education when I was young and will give chance for redo for the one who had never once went to school of learning outcomes. In addition, lost "there is a certain achievement" social credit due to a problem, regardless of whether or not under the age of system expansion and supplementary to do grade high indeed among students ' achievement is growing it and even completed a certain course also automatically leave school because the more formal graduates, graduated from the school. There also makes no child left behind and no longer understand teaching will increasingly enticed to because even without personal competences and not enough education in proficiency was proceeding automatically to the school year progresses. , Or already know what to conversely superior grades students if you learn in class scum spill and end up. Not taking age principle school, and students have spent at school including foreign schools completely different curriculum roller transfer there it is incorporated into the school year when you disagree with the previous curriculum. This is on if is incorporated into the school year, called the don't want advanced placement. Course principle system in the academic achievement standards as can make learning group for the level of achievement in the class homogenous and easy-to-classes are encouraged. In addition, selective and school refusal composure has not chased by their age, even after absence due to the physical recuperation of grade not moved up automatically, because education is provided. In addition, entitling the class exemption and lower grades: positive is taken into custody by development has slowly in born in the year at the end of, such as children, even had personal pace. Because there is also seen in older institutions expand teaching and tutoring when of the same year age group society power group to extract from the school for management of the curriculum easy. Also this is a side effect, but in a different age classes are similar to real social and school life in collective achievement in homogeneous, but different social experience to be able to make. Under the system, however, only achievement was assessed relative performance is remarkably bad student would be positive is taken into custody, appropriate support for these students is difficult. Also, even years in terms of learning, such as the learning disabilities intellectual disability or failure a student's assessed standards pedantic subject to and will remain low grade problem it occurs. Said it should be a consideration for these students to educate, and special support class special schools special education in that, but otherwise confidently belongs to severe disability if clearly end but borderline students, from anywhere where the sighted, difficult to fault because the common class in but it remained uncertain whether while tutoring under positive is taken into custody, or to continue their education while receiving special education in the special support class to determine the. Because in fact, in Meiji Japan elementary school had strict assessed trials disabled children fail to repeat was (see below). Under system, low age, high grade 飛び級 can be in the low age on some go to school and senior school in terms of mental and physical development for students undesirable (however less adverse effects at higher education, , United, University early graduates future seems like a good). Easy to have the physique and physical education classesA definitive answer about whether age principle and the principle of course which is for the student-friendly system, unspoken. Course principles are welcome in the cultural sphere can become positive detention and cultures in the same year average travelers for low grade that shame and consider age principle is welcome and it otherwise not tend to be. And for example are Kawai Hayao psychologist surprised that even younger positive custody made in local schools during the 1960's Switzerland living in the Japan it does not have a story that was told while I say, contrary to local faculty Japan education is kind (see of). Also, both schemes are students themselves and others competence gap have to worry about good or not is indiscriminately. Often because is hard to realize the ability difference age principle if you saw my membership grades only larger capacity difference among the students of the society, considering the ability difference and other students in everyday school scene. If of course help conscious capacity difference by their member grade, but capacity difference among the students of the society, so eliminating the day-to-day school life in capacity difference too much need to. But there are problems difficult because it Japan the most primary and secondary school is operated age principle as the basis for uniform State comparison in Japan (see below). There is a big problem, however, these comparisons are, in case of school-case study of school-excess discuss positive detention evils under the age of system previously not even admission degree or years of socialist system not only support it becomes. In addition, older system called principle case study course is in the same year are enrolled in a grade lower than the average age that produces feelings of inferiority of ability, but unless you are even completely uniform (equality) was teaching in academic change educational methods individually, and also grading change. I.e. the base class, or enrolled in the mathematical class according to skill level or less difference between grades even notification tables and test of low if you received a refresher after school, or is not sterile inferiority is not causing inferiority "different age students and others of the same year", so older institutions said. Routing each student by Scholastic, under the system of course mean time each, under the age of system of class rearrangement accorded each year be vigorous. For this reason, change is a member of a class whenever the advance time on course principles, so classmate and be pointed out is the experience on the downside. However, because it can escape from the perpetrator and also help increase twice as the opportunity to become well-acquainted with new classmates by advanced placement and positive detention contrary exists bullying grades based on not only downside. In addition, can relieve problems due to easy exchanges between friends outside school hours if you become separated. Also, more likely as long as likely as long as the degree of impact varies depending how much students might be positive detention of advanced placement class 5, class in only two or three about advanced placement positive custody and not does everybody before fellow students to the new class class number 60% advanced placement and positive custody in the new class has previous classmate (grade system and the advance unit, however, one year in the class is also the number of advanced placement or positive detention by might be rare, but six months advance system and 3 months in advance system is thought that sort of thing). There is a theory perspective of the effect of education is high "homogeneous group" or "heterogeneous groups" is also various. Course principle form homogeneous groups of academic achievement, heterogeneous collective social and age doctrine and vice versa. Didactics in the homogeneous group of academic achievement is long classes are easy. However, it has been shown from the disputant to proficiency grouping does not have the effect, under the slogan of "common learning and co development" and "cooperative learning scholastic heterogeneous groups education effect higher opinion. However, it is unclear how to say it is socially heterogeneous groups different age, inspired the development of the social aspect, and which is better?. However, in the form of age socialist system, even when an event such as touch which contain students and providing Exchange with different age groups is is possible. No classes fit seen age principle, not even positive custody seen on course principles years of Socialist falls somewhere in between if you accept international students properly in any adverse effects, such as developmental stages. However, there is a problem that for a change of the grades after admission, because except the entrance age variable and age as well. These age and course principles and years of Socialist idea is all subject and all Ledger belong to the given grade or grade learn the traditional school system and grades system in concept, but this addition to the グッドラッド and present some took the form of advanced learning advocated by Anderson students'life system and subject to different grades in part placement, part positive detention system, including new initiatives. However, perhaps a decisive improvement idea seems missing. False positives frequently asked [Edit, Should pay attention to the problem that there are students system like above, age principle to take different proficiency in the group is well noted, but similar to groups in different social and build students that there. To stick with older principle to the date of birth becomes rather development intelligence age and body age and social nature stage, including produce difference of developmental age so to speak. As for the thing that is different even if evolution is not, it does not resolve this problem do course principle for most in the curriculum principle in society and build not talented power grade depending on the age principle, academic achievement is not only should be noted. At all average looking psychology to the intelligence and academic achievement and social developed together, high scholastic student example develops intelligence nor social nor likely get similar developmental age is of course rather because many students. I don't mean that the system will be to force positive is taken into custody has been criticized as "because they are to positive detention grade is bad, new course, school cramped becomes" from the side have concerns about the introduction of the course principles, but not necessarily bad grades curriculum principle. 'S desire and decay is not panacea promotion standards stricter anti-lowering in student scholarship as person for positive detention there is resistance to unsatisfactory doing as a reason to force the positive is taken into custody or school refusal can be counterproductive for admissions to the rather predictable. For this reason public elementary and secondary grades bad in assumed that even force you to positive detention should be avoided. Shall be assessed, even taking a course which actually France and parents relied like is that. Also called positive detention is not being lesson absent for, or in back after some time from abroad, such as lack of language skills is necessary to limit. Because, in the unlikely even if it means though to have received lessons can be adapted by if you course was difficult for these reasons there was enough positive after conditions under class 1 year daily attending grades bad when they effect was weak in the normal course, because such students are exactly the same course next year once again received effectively study achievement. You should consider supporting positive custody to poor results from this point of view if the effect is thin, so, for children underachievement remedial, counseling special support education and so on, were personal. There are also present positive detention system is under school system unit 1, lose large disadvantage. For example in students taking leave of about 1 year absence the positive detention to be strained, but have lost six months taking leave of absence that students should be a positive custody or be moved up while tutoring under question. However, unsatisfactory students where it is, 8-year-old around until, month of birth, some people think that idea could cover the individual differences in worse grades at the moment including full en kindergarten and nursery, birth weight, household in individual variation is large for the time to give, so a similar exemption based on positive detention by waiting for development. There is, naturally, for definition course principles of confusion and lack of knowledge from wrong about the financial Outlook. For example, "for it from the Treasury spending year minutes extra education tax compulsory education State contributions to system is a country made a positive detention during compulsory education, is the expanded use of positive detention to national financial burden" advocating that is occasionally seen. However, a theory for compulsory education expires at a certain age made positive detention in the compulsory education system is administered by age principle of the compulsory exit criteria pointing system that "do not close until it reaches a certain age free compulsory education period" of this theory, if compulsory education system is operated by the course principles of compulsory exit criteria pointing system that "free compulsory education period does not close until they have completed a certain course" in any positive cell is made to extend compulsory education period, so have a point to the point, but if the point does not. Therefore, such claims that evidence is the criticism as irrelevant as long as a criticism to try to introduce the curriculum principle for students to advance standards is a true is a criticism against it to try to introduce "course principle of compulsory education exit criteria" opinion "be opposed so burdening introduction course principles of State finance" pointing "have completed certain learners not moved up to grade is a system that does not apply. In short, that's because exit criteria for the duration of compulsory education, operated by age's school-overtime tuition as a general rule be borne positive custody increases financial burden does not increase. In addition, even if you took the course system to enable a Advanced placement until the exit criteria for the duration of compulsory education course principles remain the positive detention and advanced placement almost as many in the financial burden is not possible. An example [Edit, Sometimes, rather than as shown below, can be classified as either age and course principles of all education policies are not both using partially. In the age lower and upper school. Example only full age principle (Assessed at) April 1, if 7-year-old at the time in elementary school second grade, 8-year-old to the 3rd grade wind regardless of scholastic fully correspond to age and grade. Diseases such as absent even to continue their education with age. (Freshmen) admission is "April 1, persons 15 years old at the time", no academic requirements or entrance exam. Example only age principle only the lower age limit (Assessed at) April 1, if 7-year-old at the time elementary school two years students under the age of 8 in third-grade students under wind to regardless of scholastic year limit is determined depending on the age. (Freshmen) admission is "April 1st person over 15 years old at the time" with no academic requirements, admissions. Only the course principles of course examples (Assessed at) be switch to the original grade and moved up if sufficient attendance days is insufficient. Determined grade regardless of age. (Freshmen) admission is "expected to graduate from junior high school in March's, or junior high school graduates" and no entrance exam or age restrictions. Example only learning principles course principle (Assessed at) fall 受かれば assessed trials and moved up is switch to the original grade. Determined grade regardless of age. (Admission time) must pass an entrance examination has no academic requirements or age restrictions. Course principles and learning principles course principle-only example (Assessed at) will switch to the original grade and moved up if sufficient attendance days is 受かり assessed trials assessed examination or attendance days is insufficient. Determined grade regardless of age. (Freshmen) admission is "expected to graduate from junior high school in March's, or junior high school graduates" and must pass an entrance examination has no age limit. However certain possible graduated from junior high school age more than the virtually is involved only the lower age principle (Freshmen) admission is "who expected to graduate from junior high school in March, and must pass an entrance examination has no age limit. However if you graduated from junior high school age of near age principle is practically complete Example of course only age minimum age principle + master principles (Assessed at) fall 受かれば assessed trials and moved up is switch to the original grade is April 1, if 7-year-old at the time elementary school reluctant students over three years, if in the 8-year-old elementary school become raw over four years. (Freshmen) admission is "April 1 by more than 15 years old at the time", must pass an entrance examination. Examples of course only age limit age principle + learning principles (Assessed at) do not should be switch to the original grade fall 受かれば assessed trials and moved up, but on April 1, 7-year-old elementary school one year or less reluctant, in 8-year-old elementary school two years or less. Example of full age principle + learning principles course principle (Assessed at) April 1, if 7-year-old at the time in elementary school second grade, 8-year-old to the 3rd grade wind fully compatible to age and grade, and if you can't pass assessed trials be expelled from school. (Freshmen) admission is "April 1 by 15-year-old at the time", must pass an entrance examination. Complete age principle + course principles and learning course principles of principle example (Freshmen) admission is "April 1, 15-year-old at the time of" and "who expected to graduate from junior high school in March, must pass an entrance examination. Rather than more like the actual system is explained in short age principle or principles course are subdivided. Moreover, there are different policies, such as one year basically positive is taken into custody without a grade in strictly fail every example. Global trend [Edit, Age principle not from emerged school principle of course from concept, but not necessarily completed compulsory education is a universal thing. Education was done for some hierarchy exists and the school itself since ancient times. School earlier modern educational facilities that doesn't mean being system, purpose and audience are different, and had also cooperation between elementary school and high school is taken. As the tendency to walk down the generation is the first secondary education age principle has become. Coincided with the trends and develops these, compulsory education, school attendance obligation is accompanied from the viewpoint of prevention of child labour is perceived as schools for children of elementary school. Also serve future soldiers training under such as conscription, knowledge levels, not put in the build levels, schools also such forms prone to. For example, Youth School of Nazi Germany during Hitler Youth and the Japan, including conscription and relationship. Strong involvement in the schools and the military, and from the standpoint of the national training age principle is welcome. As long as to if it sees only as a venue for knowledge of school age principle is pointless, but depending on the physical and mental development applied to education still in the same year age education closer to the easy-to-guide. This point is of, by or informal education is outfitted with how much different, for example by joint groups of youth, such as Boy Scouts is common in society and society not so different. Also housewife or a large family or a community in the school that plays a role only knowledge acquisition genuinely be easy. However, the idea is not only youth in the education based on the principle of lifelong learning from gaining wide range of the school age in each country. These are particularly noticeable at universities, University students of all ages in the West. System such as that there is also the country actively we accepted at younger ages who is only secondary and often sees first personal characteristics. Historically, modern schooling until will take over schools in age grade system's role, such as change is seen. As initially get the knowledge schools and private schools in the same year age group in Youth Orchestra and young pairs are clearly different in approaches is the school society, system of the same age, school turned into place of the same age group. Especially this trend long classes like Japan day of schooling in remarkable is. Also, does not function in society with respect to older age principle is able, because recording birthday clean and comfortable. Area even today not so precise to record the date of birth but impossible in principle in this case the precise age. This sort of thing from age principle spread, such as oxygen evolution would assume. Said that due to the modernization of society and Government, in the same year age education running became possible. In addition, compulsory education system aimed at preventing child labour launched by specific age groups all need for school attendance also increased due in (see article compulsory). History of Japan [Edit, Age of the merit system [Edit, Was take the form of Edo private school in children of town education and was, but no age-based school here, that the master according to the progress of the student to educate. In the aftermath of the 1868,, Meiji 1 Lor been promulgated educational 1872 (Meiji 5), begins with modern school system JH children's school. Six-month grade system levels in the educational system under low grade and very good grade advance organisation divided into class is done, and 8th grade elementary school in both extends over in four years, was. Under the grading system in small trials for each month, year-end is a strong mean and graduation made by test (promotion), test at the end of school (graduation test). This landscape at that time remains in the season Word still is test grade test assessed test graduation exam examination passing failing spring kigo. Also, and was proceeding assessed trials for several stages for Advanced placement was available in the student for example Soseki Natsume have two times (one year to get into the school system) advanced placement experience (however failed after that). There were also rather than lower school school age of respondent existed, but was guarded strictly not enrolling one year early Terada torahiko like example. School at that time that belongs to the same grade age was quite difference. One examples of Oita 1877 lower elementary school eighth class (equivalent at the time of the current elementary school one year earlier) to 2 million people had enrolled but the school age from 3 years 6 months 6 months up to 19-year-old was. Lamination etc elementary school grade II (equivalent to grade four years earlier in the current period) 540 people were enrolled, but age is 8 years old one month from the 18-year-old seven months in was. In learning had also been attending a University in modern k-thus the wrong age group who have the same class. Of course, junior high and school in further apart was [5]'s age. Was in the system based on a clear course principle thus, practically not tied to age. However, is written in the form like pretty strict age principle is institutional in the educational system for elementary, junior high school school age lower limit both written and [6], in fact this provision as innocent and was what provisions of the age limit growth of Education Decree. Tackling dropout and Flunking 46 Pages in table of the age and grade. There are also moral education and physical education in the age group hard and commentary. On the other hand however, quickly accumulate on the lower class children assessed possible, in terms of number of teachers education has number difficult. For example, take children grades of the two equivalent current freshman and 17% children are studying at the seventh class children are studying at the eighth class in Meiji eight years lower elementary school, first in class at 65%, 82% and many leaps and bounds, grades on continue up the rapidly declining. Than four years have been repeatedly beginner in this way, the example was considerably. Also arrived and select grade is about 0.1%, and this is the year of Meiji 19 0.8 per cent in only, although only one or two children. Cause is given as follows. Open-JI school inside. Like this sleek school is an exceptional consisted rather.That in many cases such as grading system was originally the forms which assume that teachers grade per person will be responsible, but actually not is only one teacher per school (8th grade), also including the substitute teacher not only 3 persons, due to lack of the Faculty of mass class (combined class) and if not help Including mental retardation statistics on 2.27% exist at that time to their existence, have not been focusing too much, without special support class special support education idea that there was It was the rigors of labor increases, also repulsion to the rapid school system for the the school attendance rate 1873 (1873) 28.1%, to 1885 (Meiji 18 (1885) 49.4% (although real school attendance rate is excluding absent and school-excess 1873 15.1%, 1885 30.5% in) and low number of absences were to fully 授業 taking classes not environment Class capacity is approximately 80 people, and despite modern was in doubles capacity of 40 people, classroom is now a bit more narrow overcrowded State was Advance test kanji like "eggplant, bin, thermometer, crane, just cloth" is given the lower elementary school seventh class (equivalent at the time of the current grade 1 year later) write exam questions, such as difficulty high or gone and [7] Where has made bankruptcy scheme to assume the doubtful for PTA socially educational environment in this way, earned a certain course. Modern architecture, such as -kaichi school a famous school is a model school Government especially efforts most elementary school was in a bad environment. Measures against such problems as slowly age principle incorporated as is was. Also, is assumed by more than a few children fail to repeat 5 trouble in as a place of education for these children 1890 Matsumoto normal elementary school in a Repeater class was set up (special class of the first Japan). Introduction of age [Edit, Became the fourth grade of elementary school 1885 (Meiji 18 (1885), until it was 6 months period is changed to 1, close to the current academic year. The concept of the school year, to be used in 1891, (24 year of Meiji) began to transition from grade the school system. So the 1900 Meiji 33, third elementary school age is "test Wo for フルコトナク children thank-grades Wo appraisals" and was abolished for primary grades in elementary school students to advance test or exam had determined the dissenting opinion. Extraordinary elementary school graduates have become 1925,, at junior high school students of roughly 13 years old (active duty) is 50% exceeded, which approached the difference of grade-ages form. School challenge junior high school was Ronin, but otherwise was an active duty students because such schools as little age difference in the school year. Admission: age however,'s seen cases, said late twenties and thirties and graduation at age of 5 years or so; [8]. There's also that many Google recommendation admission better than the General entrance examination than the old system junior high school age difference was light and (However in part II increases the age group and in the larger) [9] in teacher-training school. Thus, gradually to age operationalize went closer also actually age difference you made reduce, in the school mechanism of young valued is like, outstripping the younger by the old by profane and has been creeping across age class consciousness also. It is assumed that as a result, this time from senior / junior"by grade difference relationship began to emerge. 4, Students can go on stage, on the other hand, advanced placement (flying entrance) for five-year junior high school four years completed in senior school degree was recognised. (Fuwa, three, such as that participants). In addition, in the old system school's much larger age dispersion is prolonged [10]. Meiji 30's school system is now extends over sixth grade junior high school five-year, high school said that because will hopefully go three years the University three or four years, and entered from the 6-year-old school without repeating or advanced placement and Ronin to 23-year-old Graduate University-to 24-year-old, but was not smooth is the connection of senior school and junior school increases degree of difficulty of the higher education, college graduation age average 26-year-old-27 years old at least [11]. Age group in this way, rather hits the active duty applicants who even had a minority. May have literature dealing with the school system, including the school organizational diagram of World War II are listed, but during that marked age until graduate school [12]. However, rather be side effects will be followed by secondary education since age especially at prewar days like this aggregation of age because of poor [13]. Illustration similar foreign but also example higher education since age not to add and example since the late secondary education age not to add. Also, part of the school of figure there is a problem because it does not match the reality if their school attended school at age seen cases, such as shading to see ", compulsory education" and completely if the course of compulsory education system problems not, although if the age of compulsory education system differs from figure notation and the [14]. There were a lot of cases, but wasn't, before World War II institutional age principle is very strong in minimum enrolment age prescribed by laws and regulations. For example, junior high school, girls ' high school both 12-year-old is lower and the junior high school in was in lower 5-year-old. Although seems was the entrance in to the slightly younger than that age. Substantial lower bound because the school species, prewar and postwar periods and also in legal minimum age have not been established that a lot, but still have lower school graduation requirements and can be considered. In modern species per school student age statistics are not taken, except for some [15], the school basic survey only on special schools and communication system course high school age the answer is no. But before the war, and relatively substantial statistics of the school age prefectural statistics book in the elementary school age items are missing, but age at graduation and school and school of information, listed in the Prefecture of many [16]. Minimum age for students in junior high school in almost 12 years, rarely 11 degree seen an example of the late sixties, but late Meiji high school has a 27-year-old student, such as maximum age is quite uneven [17]. Schools for those with disabilities more widely, for example the Prefectural School for the blind is Showa early elementary school first grade admission: age 6-year-old from 15 years old, school enrolment at age 12-year-old from 44-year-old and range widely, also also other prefectures of deaf schools elementary school in age of [18]. Also, straight-ahead school and failing and passing statistics are also fail ratio is in the late Meiji period in junior high school 1 percent girls ' high school in slightly and seen decreases in the early Showa era, [19]. Defeat of the war of 1945,, 1947 on the educational system reform. This compulsory education period is 9 years and was prohibited from age equivalent grades (see below) advanced placement. Except age is higher than the surrounding children who start school past the school age poverty from the end of the war while the elementary and secondary schools is basically older principle, although the school-age children as well as many positive custody due to the number of days absent and the advanced placement prohibition became remained elements of course. However, gradually becomes the same year same age. It is said, however, about the positive detention in elementary and junior high later like statistics does not exist cannot be judged is numerically but descending age has decreased. System can be entered the severely handicapped of course all 1979 school becomes compulsory education schools, rather than on the other hand, for exemption and stipulate exemtion from statistics 1970s boundary of significantly decreased, decimated it has experience of students enrolled grace of elementary school students to represent that greatly impacted. Since the reformation of the educational system by 21st century school system is almost unchanged. MarchesTo exceed the school-if you have not completed the curriculum constant on the other hand, about the exit criteria for the duration of compulsory education, educational system promulgation originally from age and course principles in conjunction with had been determined for the school attendance obligation were present. For example in the elementary school age (Meiji 33 years) "normal elementary school-subject Wo completed シタルトキヲ Te school-decaying toss. "And the aged at least eight years from 6 to 14 years. Was a concept like this different compulsory education and school-age at the time. This program principle is by national school REI 1941 "aged 14 d. difference Tal,-grade 属スル-until the end" and continued to turn to complete age principle is. Thereafter, ranging in the current age principle is the exit criteria for the duration of compulsory education. Recounts the compulsory article about this. Furthermore, during the war from the perspective of the draft as part-time compulsory education for men's youth school system was enacted. This was in premise is the same age group for education. Furthermore, before World War II is baby doctor's certificate is required on that wasn't manipulating the birth register on arbitrary was allows. Cases, date of birth that misrepresent even after World War II was born in Oshima yasunobu of school enrollment period to speed up the [20]. Changes of the role of school [Edit, Trends go lack personality as a place of education is called frequently asked intellectual and moral sports in school school be in the same year and age group, can be seen. As mentioned above, such as private school school read and write in the Edo period was in place of the Abacus acquisition. It is said in kinai literacy of the male rate is pretty high [21], this large contribution of the private school. While the course is assessed trials in operated elementary school from the school system was enforced in the Meiji era, and in literacy for everyday life instead of private school until it also was also the place for the advancement of academic. However, people endure due to proceeds of militarism, than intellectual training veteran to produce physical education is focused on public schooling around almost became a age principle. After the war, dispel this effect is the most primary and secondary school same grade = positioned and the field of education for the age group in the same year. Education ability rather than age principle is thorough, and grade belong according to ability training ground in field of the same age who gather and therefore various individualized education if you do not become difficult. From education, however, in the Japan in other countries according to differences of personal ability so much inactivity, simplify course well in school to learn knowledge for academic purposes is difficult and became a popular call cram school. Strong student-oriented school and home that is suitable for Maung and examination for high school in public elementary and junior high academic achievement to get into it hard and judge using cram, prep school, and study books and distance learning made of increasing self-taught. In addition, even if long absence students seeking higher education so he/she cannot help. And weakens nature of academic achievement to get into place is the primary and secondary school, Juku of high-risk areas in the school have made even segregation of place to study for exams society education, cram school. Not necessarily happening school away, and on the other hand, where intellectual training-oriented education in private schools. Thus the place of education in the Edo era was in private schools such as private schools, in the Meiji era it is elementary school and learn again to high economic growth growth of cram school, prep school, recounts the transition back to school educational institutions. In modern schools in addition to the many places of learning for the needs and charm school has fallen to relative. This situation cannot bear the costs of school and less education awareness hierarchy to go toll often criticized as a decline in academic standards education gap between and achievement gaps. However, Japan is already is the literacy rate remained high, and not taken too seriously is common recognition that further school knowledge is so useless in society also strong because. However, wag have been age educational facilities in the same year to junior high school is just like kindergarten, so depending on the age of the learner citizenship to schooling, but rely on self-study and cram it exists still a situation. The actual condition of Japan in [Edit, Japan schooling is otherwise legal regulations (supposedly) and production (actual state) and if you have different intentions behaviour of pupils, parents and educators targets (supposedly) quite present. This is specifically about the school age remarkable because, for beginners to understand and difficult. Therefore, in shortcuts on the first to recognize and "systems and actual conditions differ greatly that" knows the realities. In the contemporary Japan: preschool educational facilities and child welfare, early late post-secondary school and the school to secondary education in age and course principles of best practice is divided. Legal is the school age limit is only group 1, group 2 or higher is where that is not and has no upper bound is the realities so uncomplicated there pretty bind by age is critical. Japan junior high school classroom Group sportsGroup 1 Preschool education institutions and children's welfare facilities Pre-school kindergarten nursery, special schools (school for the blind, school for the deaf, school) Group 2 (compulsory education schools) Elementary school school Elementary school school, special schools (school for the blind, school for the deaf, school) Early school school Junior high the secondary school Ma, special schools (school for the blind, school for the deaf, school) middle school Group 3 Late secondary education school High school secondary education schools, second semester, higher degree special schools (school for the blind, school for the deaf, school) high school, special training school Higher education school College (sometimes included in the education), University,, school, Center for specialty course (Is the name of the group described above, to pass this article only in areas) However, in junior high school night class and doesn't imply, and if you have a light-hearted sense also features Group 3 while belonging to a group 2, such as special support school elementary school, middle school, or while belonging to a group 2 communication course in reality is becoming of Group 3 shall necessarily in all schools that are clearly separated. Early childhood education of the Group 1 facility is characterised by age principle operate also the legal realities has become age principle operations. For this reason, to belong only infant [22]! Belonging to the Group 2 elementary school, school, etc., and taking age principle basically save compound classes school school students is almost identical in the age. Positive custody, such as course principle operations are possible at the institutional, but in fact poor results and long term absent or little mean and graduation to let me, (see below cases) in some cases be made moved up even with the "school year now want to stay in" and the desire of pupils, parents. Habits as the reason for this has operated by age, and that end of the period of compulsory education to age criteria in the school education law given [23]. However, not necessarily operated with only rigid age principle, rather positive detention or exemption is not none. Advanced placement on the other hand, more than age equivalent grades (see below) for that across the Board is prohibited. Public schools of proficiency education does not exist much later this year. Japan, April 1, told 6 years old from 14 years old at the time the term age is made for Japan national school-age period of compulsory education equivalent has become. Also for the usually is the first secondary education education education age, group 2 school school-age children are almost up. ((Polish) Cap things determine the lower limit of the school age age but things aren't for the enrollment of persons under the age of impossible, but school-excess of student's (see JH) should be [24]. School-over who are studying at the first secondary school in 0.49 percent and [25] (see the school-), pretty much in the minority is. If bad grades and attendance days, taking the course principles basically Group 3 high school and College such as promotion and graduation age aspects can be in high school are not. In addition, said flew to early graduation flying school in recent years from the second year of high school right University to enroll and College, school school system, which begin to be done, and began weakening even years of socialism, but still significant period shortening impossible because years of socialism is strong. It is said that it has enrolled in the last years in these schools, students are enrolled at what age or more, or more important because color age principle is thin, but that course principle with years of socialism. Less positive detention at the high school is about 0.6% per annum, and and to compare to other countries. It is said that this is in the years of socialism and course principle. Is also a little more than 19-year-old student for the much called age doctrine. Repeating a year of College is the National University is 10-20%, and private universities is about 5-10%, and compared to other countries and a lesser extent, some course principle has become. More details about the # current status of each school in the Japan for reference. Available for school age [Edit, School age and enroll in Japan relationship is as listed below. Transfer of newly enrolled who are into 3 schools in 2 below school age, and moving, or going to school, extremely few, also include people age into 4 schools in 3 schools of newly enrolled, and moving, universities, school (see also rōnin) less. April 1, age at the time. School 1 3 Years and older Kindergarten 2 6 Years and older Elementary school Special schools elementary school 3 12 Years and older Junior high school Secondary school master course Special support school middle school 4 15 Years and older High school Course Secondary education schools, second semester College (regular courses) Special support school Department Vocational school course high school (higher vocational school) 5 Narua Asami 18 years old and over The University of College of Higher education Department Major major 門 Curriculum in schools (major 門 schools) 6 Narua Asami 20 years old and over Higher school of Department of 門 Department 2-year college の Department 7 Narua Asami 21 years old and over 3-year college の Department 8 Narua Asami 22 years old and over University Hospital (monk Curriculum) 9 Narua Asami 24 years old and over University College (PhD Curriculum) Universities · College で は fly び entrance · industry early stroke が あ る た の め, and table year ling よ り Ling で も い years の respective が あ り え る が, そ れ kinds に お い て は の outside school, table の years minimum Ling は Yan で あ る.. ま た 大学校 は に さ ま ざ ま な year alone-Ling を equipment け て い る limit. よ り detailed し い table は "school system" を references. visits [set code] Help for school by exact school age statistics does not exist in Japan, census by themselves or their families return inaccurate data using as a reference help. Here are the 2000, September 30, in a time of census statistics [26]. Answer exactly for the self-assessment, might not. Also listed age is September 30, because the age at the time the grade standards (April 1, age at the time) and do not match for the especially edges of younger and older students confusing is that. As a result, and use both numbers must be adjusted by birth, opportunistic group of 1-year-old age boundaries on the side of half worth number plus the pie chart is colored part. Other College (from the 15-year-old enrollment) and Junior College (18-year-old from enrollment), should be considered for multiple school species together stats are school age demographics of this census is less precise statistics is not. Here are compiled by calculating the elementary, junior high and for equal school whether pupils over 16 years old or school-aged children with excess of statistics, and the high school and the same school in statistics of whether more than 19-year-old students or "three-year high school graduation possible minimum age" excess students (students over 18 years old in the first day of school). In addition, these statistics first what is unclear or not belong to the grade for the positive detention or exemption by "grade equivalent, than the old elderly" and became can't figure out the older pupils of primary school and graduated from the possible minimum age below. By older children significantly more than this statistics exist should think. In elementary school and junior high school, according to the 2000 census, you can distinguish is quite an age for aggregation. In the high school, the tendency is seen. Amongst many higher than older school age students also seen some degree, but in fact, such as admissions and enrollment various difficulties. Students on the other hand, exceeds the minimum age to be graduated from in the universities is a minority, but often some degree there. Later in this article, so that statistics on chasing age in most school age principle is per the discerned that has eased. However, not and have never been such a tendency to a universal phenomenon only remained in such age diversity is high school or in the course [27] could not be ruled. 2010 Is the latest census and the part involved in school age will be release around 2012. Take in the small study school statistics census every five years, but the 2005 survey is this is not the data. cannot get to go to the library, such as only since 1980, published on the Web there are data before 1970, but not added. Census and first secondary education [Edit, Elementary and middle school students number's figures for pupils of elementary school / junior high school elementary and the junior high and the school for the blind-school for the deaf school [28]. Primary school / elementary school and junior high school / middle school together stats are not separate. "College student" は, and colleges and universities と, and blind school · 聾 · 養 □o の higher の に つ い て の visits で あ る. higher school of Department of 門 は into っ て い な い. major school も into っ て い な い と unknown で も SI え る が あ る. The annual Small number of middle school students う ち 16 years old and over 16 years old and over の ratio う ち Ling disk quota exceeded (Estimated value) [29] Ling disk quota exceeded の Ratio (estimated value) 2010 Is not Is not Is not Is not Is not 2000 11,512,169 people 49,254 people 0.427% 56,463 or more More than 0.49% 1990 14.8033 million were 44,363 people 0.299% 54,414 or more More than 0.37% 1980 16,950,267 people 27,792 people 0.163% 32,937 more than More than 0.19% The annual Number of middle school students [30] 16 years old and over の ratio (Presumption of value) [31] Ling disk quota exceeded の Ratio (estimated value) 2010 Is not Is not Is not 2000 4,124,689 people 1.19% More than 1.37% 1990 5,393,260 people 0.82% More than 1.01% 1980 5,119,735 people 0.54% More than 0.64% The annual Number of University students う ち 19 years old and over Ratio of more than 19 years old 5 On the first day of school at 18 years of age Or more (estimated value) [32] On the first day of the school year in 18 years or older. The ratio (estimated value) 2010 Unread Unread Unread Unread Unread 2000 1657 4340000 People 120000 9450 People 2. 981 % More than 150000 7799 3.63 % 1990 4907 5750000 People 5203 The 100000 people 1. 828 % More than 130000 8673 2.41 % 1980 4730000 4109 People 9668 70000 People 1. 682 % More than 100000 5880 2.24% Or more Percentage of students of particular age or ages per record (drawn only 2000 junior high school)Age composition of the elementary and middle school students Age composition of junior high school students (estimate) Age composition of the high school students Numerical calculation for more's reference to the footnote [33] [34]. To calculate only junior high school that is included in the Census not isolate elementary school and junior high school, so relying on estimates there are only [35]. Judging from these historical data, ratio of 16 years of junior high school and middle school pupils in 20 years 2 times to ratio of over nineteen years of high school and high school students tend to have increased 1.7 times know. High school is greater growth since 1990. From this statistic has increased positive detention in elementary and junior high or growing older entrance is not understood (high school, have positive detention and rōnin statistics on junior high school not both). Learn and positive cell proliferation and the students with school refusal from the 90's to long absence is so not been seen has frequently asked, but the statistics on the actual increases the older students. However, with results not present on the class in junior high school, at a rate of one person only, school-excess of diversity in age, much less. Speaking students of school age excess and night junior high school in for running through the image, but at night junior high school students in 2000, at that time approximately 3000 people is more than 94% full-time junior high school and middle school's (or elementary school and elementary school) of students learn. Also fewer special support school enrollments. Will be estimated to be 20-year-old in the year, including the children for over 20 years by birth, adjustment for middle school and junior high school, and slightly more than 10000 3827 exists. Will be slightly more than 1582 exist and likewise to estimate when 30-year-old in the year, including children over 30 [36]. In note 16-year-old junior high students and all school of raw comparison, 80 years 0.060% is 90, 0... 135% 00, 0.125% and, and stop the growth goes configuration by more than 17 years a lot of growth in the 90 years since. About the 19-year-old high school student ratio, and three times less doesn't change. Census and late post-secondary [Edit, "High school students, college students and professional school students number" is that statistics about College and College and the College students. Undergraduates and graduate students in statistics for more than four-year University and graduate students. Fiscal year High school students, college students, and Number of professional school students At least 21 years old Ratio 2010 Unread Unread Unread 2000 5789 1080000 People 200000 1673 Users 18.57 % 1990 6899 1370000 People 0948 160000 People 11.69 % 1980 3909 790000 People 7847 90000 People 12.32 % Fiscal year And college students Number of graduate students At least 23 years old 23 Years of age or Ratio At least 25 years old 25 Years of age or Ratio 2010 Unread Unread Unread Unread Unread 2000 9532 2620000 People 460000 6109 People 17. 72 % 6859 180000 People 7.10 % 1990 4676 2160000 People 9783 330000 People 15. 70 % 5910 110000 People 5.35 % 1980 9713 1820000 People 0416 270000 People 14.78 % 80000 2902 People 4.53 % Age composition of high school students, college students, and professional students Age composition of undergraduates and graduate students Seen from these historical data, and ratio of 21 years of specialized vocational high school, Junior College, college students increasing 1.5 times in the past 20 years, but the ratio of 23 years of College and graduate school students find has increased only in 1.2 times. In 1990, depressed high school, College, vocational school for a reason is unclear. Contribute to holding increased proportion of 23 years University / Graduate School of information, increases the total number of university entrance difficulty fell from them without enrolling people are getting a lot, but as possible. Think about the percentage of people aged 25 and over, and affects the graduate school of centralised by graduate student growth and increase of the older students to gain lifelong learning by increasing somewhat. Non-census statistics [Edit, Roughness due to the the school attendance rate-net enrollment ratio older school of the country of a can represent a concentration. Net school attendance rate is 99.91%, Japan education gross school attendance rate is 100%, and institutional planning 比定 age range who is 99.5%. Secondary education gross school attendance percentage is 101%, a net school attendance rate is 99.9%, and institutional planning 比定 age range who is 98% (figures are 2004) [37]. This 比定 age range rate is extremely high in all over the world. For other countries data # in other countries past and present to reference. School basic survey among the high school entrance past junior high school graduates statistics; There are also positive detention by number of high school statistics in the survey of Midway dropouts etc in public and private high schools. Grace loading(education) statistics out there also. Because of junior high school graduation time, high school student when elementary school is an age limit is not a direct representation of school age situation in these 推し測れる seniors enrolled in number according to these statistics. Also the communications high school and special schools for students age are simple statistics. Would be numeric, Japan domestic foreign schools and international schools it is not (usually in Ichijo school) is outside the scope of these school basic survey items (regarding census report is equivalent to Ichijo school and write the results included) because, as a result close to the realities of the school of Japan expression. Admissions also school basic survey in university entrance age and school age data are not passed high school graduation many year if there is data about. About the graduate school admission age data; Also minimum enrollment period of University about the excess person have data. Regional differences of statistics [Edit, Census data is also another State, so goes the regional differences. This table to be 16 years and older elementary and middle school students about the Tokyo best 0.62% and a minimum of Kagawa Prefecture is 0.27% and twice the difference. This is area private schools or areas not big difference means that no, located in the public schools degree could have enrolled in a school-excess of. On the other hand over nineteen years of high school students about the difference between the best Tokyo 5.24%, lowest Yamagata Prefecture is 1.70% and triple strength, and regional differences are larger than the small junior high school students. Prefecture, once high school exam Ronin is often assumed that today, especially older students tend not, not, not represented in this number (sometimes however, rōnin statistics school basic survey of the Prefecture often and tend to look). Be tied to the result that numbers are higher for elementary and middle school students, high school students, and entire human mouth concentrated area and suburban districts more densely inhabted area older students tend to tend, and this is often urban State. The Okinawa has exceptional trend census overall new year as the percentage of older students are getting a lot. In fiscal year 2000 statistics less no difference and the national average, in 1990, 1980 year statistics, than the national average percentage of older students visibly higher. In Okinawa, Japan March 1975, high-school graduates among the high school entrance examination Ronin (unsuccessful candidate of the applicant's definition) 18.2% and more, were more than 10 times the difference Japan average is 1.6% [38]. Then, gradually, approaching mainland level today, this situation is too much not seen that, although still high school student's Okinawa rōnin rate other prefectures significantly higher than. Thank grades [Edit, Because it has been, has been "should acknowledge the completion of the course of each school year or graduation, the evaluation of children (pupils, students) thank for this shall be" school education law enforcement by high school elementary, junior high, and high school in the age and enrollment period by automatically 進級 when moving up to legal are taking the course principles. Have been one, including the daily test results and meeting number of days, rather than determining the results before the promotion examinations and graduation / graduation test or represent what this "everyday performance" of the various opinions, but isn't "test results". Current general public schools in the scholarship test results or than the notification table of mainly attendance number of days criteria being interpreted as. For this reason, results in bad moved applies provisions that often can be moved up if the attendance days is enough, also from around the 1990s due to an increase of truancy, also attended the free school school considered as present it so up can be increased. In addition to that many cases to handle cases that can be moved up in recent years are even using these facilities also increased, to continue their education in the attendance number of zero. Thus, in the course principles would be similar to age and years of Socialist said that operated in the curriculum principle rather than otherwise, most determining assessed only attendance days, learning principles for the operation. System automatically to proceeding without considering these learning stage is also called "vacuum expressions mean". Often if consideration will be given a scholastic achievement, however, in the private school 後述 as described later. It is said that cannot be moved up and credits while in high school and College, credit promotion and graduation requirements, thus attendance days is enough, but they fail, so than elementary and secondary schools course principle idea is strong. Idea of age equivalent grade [Edit, MA (especially public school, junior high and secondary school in the age equivalent grade (cleaning up ねんれい a school year) that strongly permeates the idea. This is the important concepts in school is operated by age shows that will be enrolled by student older school. For example people like the table below, as of April 1, 13-year-old age equivalent grade 2-grade junior high school or secondary education school sophomore's. Said already attending age equivalent grade school age principle in the person's age, but a standard age of the school year. Small elementary school stands for! In it's stands for junior high school, secondary school. Immediately before April 1, age at the time. 6-Year-old 7-Year-old 8-Year-old 9-Year-old 10-Year-old 11-Year-old 12-Year-old 13-Year-old 14-Year-old Age equivalent grade Small 1 Small 2 Small 3 Small 4 5-8 Small capsules 6 Threads 1 Inside 2 3 In For enrolled in the law on age equivalent grade is higher than grade it is impossible that the impossible is Advanced placement to standard age students. Can be enrolled in the school year, on the other hand, older equivalent grade is lower than for the standard age or more students to positive detention possible but there's this example is strong school age principle fairly minority in. That is, that it is not students studying at age equivalent grade standard age and the minimum age that may belong to the law or grades but maximum age. However, the examples are effectively determined if each school and School Board policies are based on the age principle, maximum age and often (in short, in the same year but age doesn't belong). Because you don't limit the law is written to the school age the maximum age will not exist. For this term rather than formal term of education law legal basis other than prescribe the minimum age for light, but situation arises such concepts in school age of just conveniently in the term is widely used as well as Ministry of education [39]. On the other hand, in the special schools (school for the blind, school for the deaf, school) of elementary school and middle school age equivalent grade bindings but above is older academics more rather than less. Also in junior high school night class-for communication course exceptionally school-excess of only covers have no any idea of the age equivalent grade is also not apply to the table above. Different age education [Edit, You may be used sometimes Word different age education in Japan school. Often made from the prospectus as it comprises learning group gathered students with difference of a few years or so to mutual stimulation to give. However, because many schools Japan strict age principle, in the same grade students of a different age did not, often because of the different age education 混ぜなければ to students in other grades, at all not even age group learning situation. Because of this, and different age education said in General Japan school, which contain just education. For example in 5 precession because that brings big age difference among students is the same school and mutually good interaction the asserted as a benefit of secondary school, but this high grade in Japan school School of the same age degrees for junior high and high school is a grade three years only because in the school not only the difference between the 2-year-old secondary school is six years grades. Benefit to be resistant to distinguish between different age and which contain in this way, for the different age or effect caused because the edict, or (not) have no meaning to separate effectively. Other [Edit, Whether or not the age of unity high school in boy is known to be senior other students, different in some cases. Of course if there is a difference of more than a few years old, known by the appearance also known by the person's story, and both have school alumni in the previous school? It is not a system possible to basically, absolutely secret. However, the example if students got used to the society of Japan in the same year, dare hide their age are asked. Should be a lot if unnoticed scans age hidden from different ages and at most 3-year-old degrees could be, that much age difference in who even cares about in age strong school society exist certain number. However, without knowing these actions by other students is the student to be senior to be, and "grade of everyone in the same year age was" never come to think, idea of school-age to further strengthen it could. However, judging from the idea of Privacy's date of birth for classmates to secretly morally funny thing, not individual liberty,. Age when, usually matriculation and assessed, and judging by the learner's birthday. Doesn't mean this is underlying register or resident, alien registration certificate of the description, but fraud were completely unreadable. Based on residence in public primary and secondary school school-book makes preschool Office, so if normal lying about age's impossible [40]. For a foreign certification article of its own country by outside so that Teng proof of date of birth, reliability of their country of origin affects the accuracy of the date of birth. Public high school freshmen, residence and outside be lying about age is impossible unless during card check is requested, and do not forge such documents. However, without submitting the certificate remains in private secondary school, because even if the active duty students resident is required if you are enrolled in this case is if you already 偽ら age high school to enroll. If you do not submit official documents such as resident in private schools, basically and countermeasure against address spoofing is not so strong [41]. However, in the case of the sports fair competition can have, such as not harmful, but less harmless on school education so much unsolicited is strict. Junior high school students is approximately 23,000 people (school basic survey) and the junior high school-excess students (approximately 50000 6,000 people. Because it seems originally these figures include elementary school, too, but almost no school-excess of junior high school in almost no doubt) of only about half do not exist. However, such as foreign students are covered in the media some attention to modality. But not lobbyists (interest groups), school-excess of Bulrush expression such or such students does not exist in the world for less viable considerations. Speculation also participants of elementary and junior high school-excess foreign is not or is made is not easy, but actually in foreign majority. About 23,000 people in the above number of elementary and junior high school-excess person proves that half or more foreign students are not. Of course among students of school age exceeded by only part from school age exceeded by most students have a Japan nationality and possible. School system in lunch, backed by age principle is seen. In many municipalities, elementary school or junior high school lunch for all the same, rather than in the amount paid by grades and school types are changing reimbursement amount. For example in the form of the elementary school lower grades, middle grades, high school and divided into 3 parts, junior high school from elementary school in addition to increase the amount and adjust the amount of food. What should be paid depending on the age rather than school meals is not the requirements vary depending on the achievement obviously depending on the build requirements change because, but actually regardless of actual age, grade affects the amount of reimbursement. Often provided by different amount please note lunch for teachers in the students for children and are [42]. In Japan is currently experiencing challenges [Edit, Currently, Japan primary and secondary school age principle is too strong for the has caused evil on different aspects. And called "落ちこぼれ" underachievement, "scum nicks" and the need for drastic measures against performer is asserted. Mentioned school system of age, the no child left behind and floating sterile nicks for highly organisation mathematical class according to skill level and supplementary and tutoring proficiency need for education, public of elementary and secondary schools in the ever so much such initiatives ourselves are. Now has a teaching students kick elementary school in 70% of the junior high school in 50% of the high school by 30% in a Shichi phenomena have been noted, but these left behind issues such as though cause principle a uniform age of evils as is sought revaluation on course principles and acquisition principle. Ken always students because if they moved up in force with difficult to understand the class cannot be understood more and more through the school year in proficiency education cannot reach a target level for the positive custody application ought to expand and also is said. Floating on the other hand, has become a big problem for the spill. , Such as the simplification of course, Juku increasing in this year age students in large knowledge power difference like is coming are. Also, between the public and private scum for transfer curriculum different too prone to spills. Start with measures, such as the flying admissions early graduated from University, universities, graduate schools of higher education over the measures by the Advanced placement none at in K12 education. Application for reinstatement denial problem [Edit, Also truancy exceeded 13 million children, but what kinds are sought from the viewpoint of security when they return to school for training ground do not stick to the age school. Taking leave of the students one year absence also urges return to grade assessed after school. Depending on the age also also wants to school come back ever undergone and exceed the primary school from each district school return approach for truant students of the school-age but, difficult becomes the exact opposite response to an issue with that. Such forced students to advance and forced graduation issue by students from rather returning to school and difficult is that don't (but forget which difficult to reverse positive custody made by returning students also present). On the contents of the school year if not expands achievement during the period of absence that moved up and take with you, and must grind away at home and cram, rather tired than non-attendance before it becomes. Underachievement truancy otherwise cause, especially such issues significantly. At present, such ex 上登校者 receptacle not only private academies or free school. School and free school is gymnasium pool, school, and science laboratory also place very well-equipped facilities come there and might be higher tuition. Also often for regular school is practicing school students or busy to match, if not in the morning. For this reason, no private facilities would be quite an alternative school. Educational opportunities and reinstatement becomes difficult once school age exceeded under these circumstances, there became non-attendance at elementary and junior high students will no longer guarantee. As a junior high school, enroll by JH excess to famous night junior high school is not because there are many issues on the region-specific, and quite omitted class time it should besides evenings, such as alternative of general secondary schools. And partly to support from the Ministry of education, high lifelong learning cheer is now applied only in University and graduate higher education hate, in high school seniors, not so much admission junior high school: is almost zero. Elementary school due to non-attendance and early senior school team had to行kazaru remains, as it went to College and do not complete secondary education at present majority also trying to return to school secondary education follow-up by the left including formal graduation high school late secondary educational institutions and higher education institutions such as universities basic study stage well take not re-examine. Also a sought-after couldn't take may be made requiring a TDG equivalent school school in high school: school, handling, and satisfaction with the previous graduate school education "formal graduation" issue of. If you have migrated and returning from abroad Japan elementary and middle school students, but soon after she Japan even elementary and junior high, if it is belong to the higher than do belong grade grade (known as the do not want advanced placement there. However, even strong thinking on these older equivalent grade school for students of foreign nationality, loose those restrictions can be. But many examples are prohibited on strong regional differences and age that do not fit. Made recommendations on transfers and formulated in spring 2009 Ministry of education is due to the economic crisis alien child emergency assistance plans State Education Commission than the "age equivalent grade low grade [43]. However, seemed to "age equivalent grade junior high school universities, foreign students, regardless of academic Gifu Prefectural Board of education is contrary to the intention, made recommendations City Board of education in Gifu Prefecture [44]. However, in November 2009, Gifu Prefectural Education Center decided to follow the policy of the country turning and policy [45]! 2010 Transferable junior high school during the day (of the fiscal year) age limit? Some places have but a according to this data, by State or province to transfer in the "age equivalent grade has principles and without restrictions. Also often is left to the Municipal Board of education decision. Seeks to seize the JFBA to transfer foreigners under 18 years of age exceeded (see below). Sometimes if you changed for school set up by by different rates of age if extreme if you even Japan domestic and moved out school and attending school in grade even jumps fence elementary school and junior high school [46]. From elementary school to junior high school students are of course, also assessed in the school originally lower grades students are contingent on, does not satisfy the rule in this case. Earth punit from various foreign education consultation report More featured cases end up 躓いて to leave people with foreign cultures, this document does not have a familiarity with rigid age principle Japan school society facing reality Home grown school cultures, especially that failing such as South America and Philippines-where on a daily basis, "someday, want to go now at junior high school to go" (page 18) and trying to study and try to study thinking, wait for Japan to learn from and from finished looking under the child care and tend to fade. Susceptible to that as a result, at the time you entered school age and grade equivalent age had already passed. In addition, from familiar to the age of climate, thinks "ever had positive custody from proficiency be enough", they fail at the high school entrance examination can be (page 36). School achievement gap [Edit, Mean age principle that standards and graduation system to take over, achievement of graduates of these schools will not exist. For this reason, will be more people still not reached the course completion level of achievement of applicants to join our senior school graduates during the in the form of graduation was thrown into the Middle force, according to the senior school students such student. On Japan of educational environments, giving scholarship selection test to determine the enrollment in the low entrance difficulty school low academic achievement of students gathered easier will tend to be. For high academic achievement of students do not enter too much low-difficulty Japan schools tend to be strong trend (deviation rings "), is more and more. Thus the spread between school student achievement gaps, permanent to be. From elementary school, non-metropolitan junior high school to keep this trend is less selective schools for so much seeing the achievement gaps among students in the school is great, but many private junior high school in metropolitan junior high junior high school entrance examination active that is especially widening gap between the public and private schools. Also, in recent years the public grows high school the limited while many areas in a similar situation is born. Very large gap between schools in high school, but most schools adopt the nomination for the certain period of time pretty solid achievement by to attend high school, has been sent. Such education has decreased in recent years, but remained "challenge school" "the base school" the persistent image remained ranked by deviation of the entrance examination, has been made. However, age when excluding the presence of the private schools focus of popular no disparity between school arrange education rather than not even necessarily school disparity grows entrance without schools, one school for students of various academic abilities appropriate to fit your own system. (Rather the difference between rich and poor, policing and racial issues) is said for example indeed, in the United States taking in principle assessed system of age to high school, but is not many high schools are selective, school achievement gap less becomes a problem as, is not. Discrepancy with the integrated education [Edit, Students with disabilities in the idea of integrated educational and even special schools from ordinary school special support class to special support class from ordinary class to the class and to integrate better in that. And example usually even persons with disabilities have big trouble really, take a class class receive education along with the other students getting has increased. Has been mixed with the students with the intent to promote human development by each other's differences and respect among students is rather than it's qualified person principle in public elementary and secondary schools such as handicap actively and to taking classes. However, this is where integration of children with disabilities and disability does not become a healthy person between difference of age, integration. Join classroom students, have a severe developmental disability effort than only 1 year old senior at sighted a effort to attending lectures to students is much less should be (first of all, teaching physical education other than age difference is quite detrimental not). Is healthy, however, in reality than the "age equivalent grade" severely handicapped school-has exceeded have typically been difficult with the school to the classroom. Accepted school student with heavy handicap is speaking from the original concept of integrated education, tolerance for differences in assumptions, because as long as naturally healthy pupils of different age accepted should be. Regard this fact it does not has caused conflicts between age and integrated education. For movement, some Governments done might be made in human rights terms strong disapproval movement trying to isolate children with disabilities in special schools for the school-excess person night junior high school trying to quarantine, except some intelligent people too much public issue and not. However, integration Japan education initiatives are still, shallow, status of trial and error because the facts above are necessarily integrated education stakeholders-related problems also asserted. Discrepancy between the law of [Edit, In the educational laws fundamental law of education, the school education law, and additional enforcement and enforcement regulations of the lower bound of the school age specifies indirectly, but no provision for the upper limit. Writing assumed rather elementary school you attended school up to 15-year-old case has been made, such as nature is read and has been writing allowed some degree of age diversity. Thus, elements of age cannot be read from these laws. However, be performed assuming that children's allowances act is a long time elementary school to graduate at the age of 12 in writing. Also in fiscal 2010 approved written legislation in twenty-two fiscal child benefit payments on further in the 15-year-old junior high school, high school graduation at the age of 18 were under that. Thus, Japan government laws are afflicting discrepancy. For more information about the provisions child allowance Act has stated. There are also persons of age rather than be forced to graduate at the age of these is said is not really the child allowance act like this is written from the fact that do not apply to this school. However, beyond levels including Office Docs, formal legal provisions in school graduation age uniformly provisions have, these laws are first should be. Proves age principle in junior high school more than previously the elementary school graduation age in child allowance Act provisions existed, but that did not exist at all. Never, diet such as mentioning those of school age was on the agenda. In a career that did not become, members of Parliament are all graduated minimum age k-12 and from such conception, not himself yokomichi democratic House of representatives, but graduated from junior high school at the age of 16. Also, there are members of Parliament have not graduated from high school (Democratic Party Home West Satoru). Willingness, however, is liberal-democratic party: political party, the Democratic Party is not especially had cited a "uniformity of the elementary and secondary school age policy objectives and commitments, not rather come to Liberal-Democratic Party and elementary and secondary schools from Machimura Nobutaka education family and Takeo Kawamura different age of acceptance remarks, not necessarily actively age principle vision is to not feel [47]! Among these laws is happening that for most of the mass media are not covered. Lack of information [Edit, Discussion based on accurate data of quadruple-baiting "as described in the following examples, references, statistics, career information is missing because it is less. I cannot cannot fully imagine the results and hate to leave course principle advocates considers the drawbacks of course enough not positive detention during compulsory education and advanced placement widely tolerated, on the other hand, age holding fast to the faction that disadvantage of age principle is recognized but are unfamiliar with the curriculum principle for the forced concerned about unknown problems. Lack of example [Edit, Japan primary and secondary school are you'll find difficult is almost without exception, taking age principle course principles and basic school. For this reason, the same national-language culture and life cannot consider an introduction course principles of current state the principle in customs the age and degree of comparison is difficult when able cite examples, such as France far Europe. Japan new national school experimental school of attempts to do a basically is that, even at the private school going despite being age principle is strongly age student severely restricted, and each the spirit of the founding education based on age principle. Most agencies, such as cram school school similar of course like some widely held, but compulsory education is almost school in the side by side. To witness history received school education co-starring assessed trials in Meiji era strict and every so often had a positive detention elementary school, but not hardly survived current seniors most people who grew up in the age of school, people were Japan people in most school of course an image has gone. Also in the current public schools in the remarkable unsatisfactory or attendance days if not much, or your guardian for "original graders stay or?" question is made for the practically party choice is not granted. As a result, even considering that "positive police cell can be" ago selecting the opportunity are gone. Almost no students assessed Evaluation Committee exists in elementary and junior high schools in as well, but not moved up actually supposed to be formal. Lack of reference [Edit, Most materials will be helpful to understanding for 前述 as discussed earlier, about the education system in the direction of these educational system reform since 1947, nearly 60 years been argued over did not does not exist. So this article references (see below) speak louder than words as few books in 2-4 page seems to be dealing in earnest about age and course principle theme was written, there are items in the large encyclopedia only to have today-which books are probably missing. About the lack of documentation age principle and the principle of course but seems positive detention in compulsory education or school-excess of pre-primary and exemption and also similar in exemtion from compulsory, and detailed written books that never existed. Also, even those written on just books in many impossible to obtain in out of print or encyclopedia of 7-8 books so you お目にかかれなかったり only in the large library around. Even knowing to double-check emergency course principle in this way, access to information is almost impossible in and as a matter of earlier "age" and "course principle" Word has become difficult. In a passive, it has become impossible to imagine even in elementary and junior high positive custody be performed this way, no prepared state. Also, seems to place not only books but also website even more written about course principle still exists. Few sites have scenes to introduce the educational situation in other countries, such as France explanation about the curriculum principle described Japan education information age principle is strong description. It is not state these light does not illuminate that can be enrolled out of age equivalent grade minority from the fact that large, but it alone. And because truancy foreign in some degree of recognition, and there are many book international and failure which themes and site in the minority, however, are from. Who are enrolled in Group 2 above JH exceeded 50000 6,000 people, compared to students with school refusal 130,000 also collected a minority truancy-related books to search daily sales did not, and October 31, 2005 "refusal" in comparison to much 読みきれない, and appropriate school refusal 907-1204-the present and in the great difference. Level such as book information form more than age equivalent grades (see below) on the other hand, advanced placement, educational system reform since long seemed impossible, despite gifted education with the theme that is written. It seems that the theory and practice does not exist, however high school: not legal since it is impossible. Lack of statistics [Edit, Must rely on rough self declaration data in the Census because of missing statistics by the Ministry of education [48] school ageDiscuss the age and the course principles of comparison in Japan when another big problem early is that there is no positive custody who number in the school secondary education: statistics. For this reason, though is the number of critical data not only means "almost nonexistent", are no longer only a sense of judgment. For example, according to the in, Council Secretariat, said "became positive detention exceeds two thirds year absence days in junior high school up to around 1980, goes around the year 2000 such an example is highly becoming less" that can be understood. But this discourse to know only on mere sensory testimony, numerical data is scarce. Because that reality, "positive detention due to unsatisfactory" and "positive detention due to lack of attendance days" and "overseas positive detention by international" such as of difficult where you can find much more positive experience after such students ' progress, classification is also of course made. In only this part missing statistics, despite the existence of exemption and stipulate exemtion from statistics and positive custody who number in the late post-secondary school statistics. That, in the public schools, each school board is supposed to receive positive detention reports if you have government instructions to start tallying up is available. Also, how school second what ages how much people belong to a grade of statistics does not exist. In Ministry of education jurisdiction data that despite what the faculty age statistics, statistics of their age does not exist. And also it is not respondent, self declaration data by the census Ministry of Internal Affairs Bureau of statistics jurisdiction, in age group for each school will prove somewhat, but each year for each problem, elementary school and junior high school together stats are an issue, special education schools together stats are problem, September 30, there are with respect to the age at the time. But no ticks in 1-year-old, in the Ministry of science and school basic survey reserved special schools (school for the blind, school for the deaf, school) of age students count statistics, such as school-excess person number is understood. Also the communications high school about also have similar statistics. However, without high school of primary and secondary school, established and part-time data still isn't there (questionnaire. also form). Also likely to be, although in the Census as on filling out their answers is principle number more than 7-year-old kindergarten and nursery school children have zero to intentionally. Obvious is that you have received exemption reports and Office documents, such as in fact, the 7-year-old children attending kindergarten example. Minority presence is consciously terminated in this way, the problem is. Lack of career information [Edit, Learners also for serious lack of information. Also be intentionally trying to get basic information education system in Japan almost true hand pretty much passion to determine especially information about the the school age very get difficult to, most people do not have correct knowledge for school age. As a result, mere socially and their school experience than that because recognition to the school system and the judgment. Decisions of the schools are so "many common sense in the sect" get confused because of the side consists only minority, face lack of information, cannot be determined in the general sense decreasing information because no. For example, to directly read the admissions restriction of age for students at some schools is unknown to the general public, I don't know if many. You may however and it is quite to the contrary, is able to enter high school (especially all Sunday) is likely to age disinformation to or talked to the plausible. In some cases for lack accurate information in this way, the opposite of incorrect information circulation is like. Not be members of the student entrance of older persons is permitted because more complex in primary and secondary schools, and law doesn't limit school age, although in actual operation out of age equivalent grades as unwritten. Just read this way, education laws and official materials handling of actual cannot understand. However, there were cases that night where a school-excess of junior high school in everyone, in some high school minimum age more than several years old senior also enrollment is not necessarily in age principle wholly-devoted, and example of that. Thus the idea that "no age limit" incorrect, and the idea (by JH excess doesn't belong also in error. However, you can think and never think about going to a junior high school is generally known that kind of stuff not even think about opportunity confirmations, most school-excess by going to a high school beyond the age of 18 who is less. These things be same even books and magazines and websites. General exam related books and exam information magazine and exam information site (hereinafter referred to as "examination information media") is about 12 high school minimum age of examination assumes hardly touches for older students. For example, and you can no longer be school originally high school is a system of older persons are admitted are acceptable enough, and understood that conventional wisdom even studying at advanced age, despite general exam information medium to a high age, not written only not determine that a minimum age of admission to target media to conventional wisdom. Often in this way, many school unless information is significantly due to lack, oblivious to the age. Also in public school by age and high-school graduates for change include the handling of the investigation, but this sort of thing, not written to most prospective information media BoE official information but one school to watch each private high school admissions. In middle school entrance exams, no longer be much and ignore the examination of older persons by article exceptionally returning students of some junior high school entrance exams can be taken age is written most exam information media. Also, if 無選抜 full-time enrollment age or educational background is indicated in the general public primary and secondary school in further remarkable is lack of information and the night junior high school and selection of the link type junior high school is often, but it's not the majority of junior high school and elementary school in school and school board official website such as admission requirements is totally indicated that almost in. Things that do not expect people almost, you automatically enroll it from the strong role of the school of compulsory education those schools that registered with the school-book school-age children in any preferred admissions (see the article "school Office) is contributing to. And only really old people may be admitted, or wait for the Board of education decision [49], extremely vague. Japan projection [Edit, Go improve at Japan primary and secondary school age principle has continued for 60 years after World War II, but not necessarily pointed out problems, rather a move also strong. However, there are misgivings or could cause confusion in situations as recorded information missing columns, immune system ages principle except for does not exist, because revision not voices. Is the demand bureaucrat and observers during the introduction of course. Nobutaka Machimura Minister 2001 Council the lecture and showed good opinion even 10-year-old college students and 20-year-old junior high school students in the writing on the issues of education (Bungei shunshu publication). Also, Minister of science and technology Takeo Kawamura answer Asahi Shimbun interview in 2004,, positive detention in the compulsory education not use almost ever, but from now on should research about this and commented (cash). It is not like this at the Ministry level age principle antipathy is not. Not reported, however, 2005 still actually positive detention increased. It is said never fail in Meiji for on the expanded use of positive detention is just declining time and faculty number, classroom number can afford. In addition, unlikely information, and accumulates information systems, such as literacy instruction and supplementary tutoring and the early Meiji period comparison not failing to at that time. Also increase positive custody 前述 as discussed earlier, the tax burden, because no increased financial burden by introducing possible. Flexible attentive to considering circumstances such as the seating capacity of the school (school age exceeded by) (that should accept) and has been under the guidance of the past will be increased financial burden and increase positive detention is not however collect tuition junior high school students at present, the exit criteria for the duration of compulsory education is age doctrine, but expire free compulsory education for example, a lot to continue this treatment at the school- student compared to the per capita tax burden's less [50]. Also the difference of the tax burden and high school students that do not levy from the junior high school-excess of tuition for public high school tuition is suppressed to lower than if you went to high school positive is taken into custody without a by less. On the other hand, scum nicks still impossible is a dynamic advanced placement for standard and older workers in the school junior high had been banned across nearly 60 years after World War II for the problem still exists, the following Advanced placement, strong request of introduction from all quarters, but like said above towns and villages. Also been creeping across University flying school a possible number was Chiba University school 1998 initially, but in 2005 increasing to five schools, but only "outstanding qualities" and has been an exceptional measure. Concern also fear born is too much competition and easily appreciate the advanced placement for in current education environment, such as advanced placement in junior high school: school early education allergies is strong, even stronger, more and more examinations (advanced placement competition) to maturity is to strong. Also positive detention and exemption, age over school for law to revise available by site for changes. On the other hand, a standard age of advanced placement or early school school education Act because a major revision is necessary and positive detention, such as comparing is hard for immediate implementation. Thus, in 2005 still age principle fixed-term break is not not ready quite break through the practice continued over the years since the new school. However, in some schools are starting various pioneering attempts also made new approaches, and you can expect. Need only the voice of minority is gPhone for just Japan Government slow revolution of the part not Dalits, also 望めず is a big move, politicians with an enthusiasm or cause problems that affect the entire nation takes reform initiative, but at this stage not yet there. Ichijo school school education law, not international school, but Tokyo preschool of new international Toshima-Ku of school (Japan and English) from until 9th grade (k-junior high school equivalent to three years) of enrolled students at school, under the name "マルチエイジ education" each class 2, and 3-year-old age differently. Is Japan lawyers ' Association opinion on the right to education of people who were not able to prepare students in the school-age), August 2006 (PDF file has full-text), announced. Propose in this document, about 15 to 18 years 新渡 outside Chinese (so-called new comer), transfer of to the daytime of the existing primary and secondary school also allowed should be. Provisions education law of 2006 amendments, compulsory education period had been 9 years and has been removed [51]. This is intended to help individually determined period by law, such as the school education Act sub but not compulsory education period changes sign at the moment. However, this extends the end of compulsory education period, and high school to form the corner of various schools of compulsory education, and tighter public high school age restrictions may be [52]. Published in May 2008, presented the age principle overemphasis, Maekawa Kihei Deputy questions of education science Ministry of elementary secondary education Bureau e-zine, column. [Column] dance inpex and Teikoku ", eh?-" extra Ed age principle or principles course That story had a hard time for this column, I came to Japan from foreign problem for school-excess person entrance to School Board policy differences, while children are determined by age grade school non-attendance was a child, including mechanical age principle is inappropriate and criticized. Also in the Yomiuri Shimbun (at this time on the Internet without textures) these problems "age principle of the school education law causes" and retorted that and only that are in the world for the school education law is not, in this sense age principle is the actual on-site conditions in the age be the problem. Followed by Kawamura both Minister of town and village, and up age principle questions of voice like this from the bureaucratic atmosphere of discussion can be being. 2010 Conference Masaharu Nakagawa Vice Minister of education is, "during the elementary secondary education system for children in so-called alien, (omission) public schools a welcoming environment for, operate flexibly, this was basically a age limit, but will widen halls about the children who need it. (Omission), is that managing such a thing to promote "and alleviate age principle about foreign nationals if he said, the policy. 2010 Now advertises breaking down of older elementary school and junior high school and secondary school of the school is seen and what does not yet exist. Not even private school, and no age limit eligibility to school more than that advertises age diversity even those schools actively. Also advertises holding fast to the older principles to the contrary, the school is uncommon. As there is no need to dare to claim the same age principle school, said that the State of side by side. Movement [Edit, Movement of the standpoint where many people complain of their importance when it comes to school-excess of junior high school, but during the night by adding more junior high school achieve it? Of claim in the general school-excess of located in junior high school in General, rather than enrolling in junior high school (day of) night class and trying night dedicated junior high school to enroll in should be. Mentioned about why in junior high school in General of those movements do not often [53]. Of course, is legal at night junior high school or junior high school in general school-excess of acceptance not differ. Also, in areas such as the Board of education administrative organization have junior high school night be seen cases, such as uniformly nighttime in junior high school-inducing shut out from the day of junior high school age exceeded by. Against this movement, especially buses complaining from South America-International and support groups. Not during the voice, hope for expansion of junior high school night "from junior high school General admission is refused, night junior high school and going to but not" assume nothing and not necessarily all of those opinions are advocating such separation. At this time, Government at night junior high school expansion nor relaxed General junior high school age limitations especially hammered not. However to students numerically Central junior high school-excess of ratio is on a rising trend is (wherein census), and somewhat [54] for violent fluctuations at night junior high school students is in decline, weakening trends in the isolated education possible. By the democratic changes in [Edit, 2009 And victory Democratic Party August 30, of the general election in regime became certain. Democrats than ever before announcing education related measures is the implementation of those is considered reliable. Child allowance in one of the key policy tuition free for high school and schooling expense assistance money reimbursement system is another. According to the Democratic Party manifest child benefits are "allow approximately 300000 yen per year for a child until junior high school graduation and media also has been reported that way, but actually manifest description incorrect (no age limit in the manifest that is not written). Requirements are fully age is relative, and also even graduated from junior high school in March 15-year-old be discontinued payment. It also unrelated to provided with or are enrolled in elementary school and junior high school for the words "junior high school graduation" manifest as nothing whatsoever to do with reality. About this, spokesman for the Democratic Party has stated for a phone interview. [55] Thought this part in the junior high school graduation is 15 years old that must be present. [56] Also for parents of students to attend public high schools and high schools in the original Bill, Democrats offer tuition free for high school and schooling expense assistance money reimbursement system, but 20 years is tuition payments (limit and) that is to give him one. Was compared with the low age of 20-year-old age limit, of older persons is studying at high school that increase the burden on economic policy is low age of high school students could reinforce the. The report was like the Democratic Party propaganda and major media outlets in the not say about the age limit or is covered by all students. Age restrictions laws be enforced is unclear reasons why age limits had been scheduled, but actually in the patients with school establishment benefits have been fixed. You can think it's because people are affected by limited may do little to declare about in these two cases, both Democrats and big media, its system is the age limit is not in Japan older students are significantly less. You may study on expanded use of school age by on the other hand, fell to the opposition Nobutaka Machimura Takeo Kawamura et Liberal-Democratic Party education family lawmakers insisted their liberalization and positive custody be shelved for the time being. Also, surprisingly in the child allowance law will be enforced from April 2010, even the high school to graduate at the age of 18 which required writing is performed. In the text "child set forth after first March thirty-one days after twelve years of age, children allowance law three one paragraph (in the next issue" elementary school after completing high school children who are school before "". ) "With notation and, until the day before April 1, 6-year-old child as the child set forth child allowance law (third paragraph one), from this sentence would be mean" high school graduates in the 18-year-old elementary school, and graduated at the age of 12. Also, there are a representation of the assumption of "junior high school graduates in the 15-year-old". Representation is thus, to the provisions of the law are operated by age until high school that only correct and what is coming. Expression, children's allowances act until now has had representation intended to graduate at the age of 12 elementary school, junior high school and high school in the same year age graduates in the to should and did not exist. 覗える intention in this way, trying to promote a age principle to the Democratic Party's agenda until high school. About this issue, children's allowance Bill # age and education also references. Current status of each school in the Japan [Edit, Preschool education and child care [Edit, Kindergarten at the kindergarten age by young pair, during the year divided into pairs, senior pair, as understood from the school named people in the age principle. At this stage of school a believed it's natural for the emotional content, such as those around communication is more important than learning, separated by age. However, in recent years the attention multi-age childcare. However, different age at this age difference of the 1-year-old level, pretty developmental difference will because even seem effective. You may attend children's for ages the campus have gone through "start getting" basically, exemption was continued. Primary education [Edit, Shall be 前述 as discussed earlier, in elementary school, and high school junior high school like mean and evaluate results usually assumed to have been the legal is taking the course principles. However, as it realistically year and automatically grade like rise almost has become operational in age principle. Because of this exemption and positive custody is rare, and make up the school year is in the same year age group. However you may belong to a grade lower than the highest grades while rare cases in which the different age exists, for example due to illness the long absence and if you like returning students Japan language ability to have problems you can belong. Also, because the standard age = minimum age, early education, gifted education as standard age depends on the age principle is impossible for NEC to Advanced placement children's advanced of older persons on compulsory placement occur there. Also admissions JH excess of is it hard. Age principle, Kobe Municipal elementary schools forced students to advance incident section 1993 ruling shown below is described (excerpt). Kobe District CourtSignificant disadvantage must endure social discomfort relieved during the next year's children in the elementary school level according to age, and body composition, mental age and athleticism noticeable lag, lag one year and to a great effort becomes necessary, and that that should be considered. In compulsory education has been an age grade system of production is generally, but especially the elementary said that it intended that the ordinary education in educating "physical and mental development according to the" stage of elementary school age by opens a remarkable mental age and athleticism and build physical and mental development is from primary education by age. And to educate them with experience of the same social life and everyday life on same age children each is best suited to 解せ. Thus, Kobe District Court judge are desirable in elementary school that belong to the age group in the same year and decided. That was wished positive is taken into custody as a reason that should be added that this case is Sau positive detention institution, but rather low attendance days is the parent of the child, and said that almost voluntary positive custody case. Shows the strength of age still has gone down this sentence, because this sentence is truly can be considered. Also be seen in a singular glance this ruling come with anyway, many elementary schools of contemporary Japan in the ruling has also been noted as "children" is even 1-year-old senior and in fact. Reason is, of course, there is sense of incongruity in the elementary school is the child of a different age rare harsh that also have shouldered the alienation and the cause is age principle has been going on for many years, but still not change socially quite and so went "child" in the individual at the moment. In addition, where terms like, but that does not impose any limit elementary school, school age enrollments elementary school (Elementary), has become known as the "child" in legal terms, such as the school education law is this designation itself assumes minor in life by elementary school students. Thought this way, when enacting the law is still in elementary school school too high age student not in [57]. Third-grade in the 29-year-old became a case 八木下 Koichi became larger buzz is because there is recognition that so much age difference is very rare. On the other hand, these judgments and conversely, some elementary school in long-term absences because graduation temporarily undecided example not necessarily uniform spot judgments. Also spent at the international school saved to elementary school students, but the 12-year-old to 13-year-old is not Education Committee of the year even for admission to the public junior high region, some [58], not only age principle is operated completely. Also in private elementary school is different by operating policies and k-link below Tamagawa Gakuen 12 Q & A with the 5th grade (fifth-grade raw equivalent) school learning achievement is missing since May to positive detention and taking the course principles, that stated there. Do you there are grades by school year to begin again it? However, elementary school graduation and six years longer, first grade and sixth grade is quite learning content and the body should be considered that there is a difference between the development. For example, minimum age of students compare, small 1 6-year-old, small capsules 6 have a gap of 12-year-old and 2 times indeed. Also called "wall of 9-year-old Brain Science of a think and changes in the first half and second half of that is the difference between the various. Wherein Tamagawa Gakuen k-12 in fact, taking 4-4-4-8, students (from 5th grade to eighth grade equivalent) is regarded and middle grades from fifth grade. For this reason, during a discussion is "elementary school" and treating though bundled into all grades should be avoided. Most often you get knitting curriculum in elementary school, according to the specific case, different age child (students) are enrolled in the same year. There also State makes school-excess of school attendance promotion or for a degree are enrolled in the school-excess of [59]. Almost like in elementary school for the blind, school for the deaf and [60]. Expected when the law provisions on until at least 15 years old to elementary school school has [61]. It is not limited for this part is only to stipulate about if not graduated from elementary school up to school age period end from studying at school age past. However, if it is the most elementary school graduation age 12 years and see quite rare even in the 13-year-old graduates, and this provision is nearly empty has been like. People [Edit, 八木下 Koichi (1941 September 18,-) said reflecting intelligence test cerebral palsy for up to 9-year-old continues to bed-ridden life, and at age 12, when 16-year-old to enroll local elementary schools, language and crippled refused to reason. After that cleaning plant low and work on the wage and visit school, even felt in the eyes of students and vibrant. After that started looking law concerning education school grace provisions such as yourself. At 27 years old, Kawaguchi OK and that conviction proceeding Education Committee and school would like to mention the first's consultation on admissions counselor (Koichi) of child (not), but please contact person that so very surprised the Education Center. 5 Went false reports such as "had been already shown getting exemption request documents are lost in the fire" and Education Center is pretty much credit crunch elementary school, but to visit multiple times from disability organizations as well as concessions, becoming finally admitted to Kawaguchi municipal Shiba elementary school. However, was required in the school only three times a week, from the beginning into 6th grade. And from various discomfort passed textbook old school in the 6th grade at 28 years old, than the normal 1 month late may, but among them, such as your student is not noticed. Cybersex principal this explained "I auditor" and wondered. Improvements, with achievement because 八木下 is suddenly 6, school you also after eliminating the student repelled notification table, again, have been negotiated in 29-year-old finally 3rd grade school to be managed. Moved after that is up to 6 years up and seeking a long absence for positive detention at the end of the school year, the registration third time six years following. 八木下 will total six years in elementary school 在学 attended school. There is an idea in the junior high school school did not. (References 八木下 Koichi 'live in the city', written by current writing Center publication, getting harder) Tells this case story around 1970, but how strong criticism from the public schools and Board of education for older students. On the other hand, should be remarkable that's not from the other students were evaded. Courses in trade payables [Edit, Shall be 前述 as discussed earlier, in the junior high elementary and high school like mean and evaluate results usually assumed to have been the legal is taking the course principles. But, as it in public of let's face it: General secondary school year and automatically grade like rise almost has become operational in age principle. For this reason, positive custody is the elementary school is not as rare, make up the grade, and is in the same year age group. However while the rare cases in which the different age exists, for example, for example, if you long absence due to illness or if there is a problem Japan language ability returning students's that belong to a grade lower than the highest grade can belong you may [44]. Also, because the standard age = minimum age, early education, gifted education as standard age depends on the age principle is impossible to Advanced placement student advanced of older persons on compulsory placement occur there. Also reported is deprived learning right JH excess of enrollment is considerably smaller doors. And the idea of age principle is strong for school refusal was considerably less positive custody due to the large number of students in public school non-attendance to you and why, but the number of school refusal students enacted at a time that school refusal cases cannot advance and graduation withdrawal and positive detention also. For example 1953, "pupils were absent more than half of the third school year total class hours, as long as no special circumstances, graduate certification has given ordinary might be" that are graduating in most cases the elementary secondary education Bureau proposed, although this quite old things, and the now this erection just is, and it has. Thus, according to the age swings between age principle and principle of course. Many private schools admission and not on active duty and youngest (Photo sea Yang secondary school)Which is depending on performance, basically a strong idea of age but, rather than necessarily public junior high schools and similar criteria in private junior high school by school course sense is also strong, positive detention (Keio Gijuku ordinary life of is an example). For example private high school in junior high school three years in some cases such as: so poorly, and high school in the internal academic, positive is taken into custody must be. Many school admission age principle that also impose achievement test students and to the 12-year-old that (that or expected to graduate from elementary school) and the course principles of governing. But sometimes some junior high school admits applicants over the age of 13 and rōnin entrance during the examination (see also the article of junior high school entrance examination). However age principle in this way, many school to allow 1-2-year-old degrees. There are also schools years principle not stipulated entrance age limit. Even schools with strict age which links below make many schools stipulates eligibility to Ronin no shape, such as "persons who expect to graduate from elementary school" rather than a definite age limit in admissions, but it's the annual admission elementary school graduation age from being nearly 12-year-old can be interpreted age virtual [62]. Junior high school and secondary school qualification There are many schools not posted on eligibility even rōnin is a little application or school, but most schools, and limited to active duty students. Sometimes if they wish, even while in school more than school-continuing students can sometimes force being made a dismissal or struck [63]. General junior high school age principle has been operating as a base as shown above, but middle school night class-communication course in the basic school-excess of only you are targeting, so no age principle is also becoming a education literacy learning, has been an avid faculty are often coupled with consideration of students ' position. But exists only in a few areas, such as policing extensively on the class time and content compared to general public junior high schools not necessarily daytime alternatives in education, has been considerably reduced. Most often you get knitting curriculum in junior high school of the school, according to the specific case, different age students are enrolled in the same year. There also State makes school-excess of school attendance promotion or for a degree are enrolled in the school-excess person also. It is assumed that almost similar in middle school school for the blind and deaf. School-excess reader ratio is not much regional differences, but in Tokyo night junior high school for little Okinawa also high [64]. For more information # statistics questionnaire of section. Courses in the late [Edit, Like elementary, junior high and high school high school in the school education law enforcement by "should acknowledge the completion of the course of each school year or graduation thank students of evaluation, which shall be and are taking the course principles. In addition, high school flexible is lack of in because even in high school have adopted flexible can't graduate. Taking a course principle would thus actually runs out of number of units and meeting cannot mean and graduated from positive custody, practically anything. You might also fail for admissions admission and take out. But in fact active duty junior high school graduates (graduates from up to 90 percent, in high school from the 15-year-old occupies about 96% 18-year-old students census reference). Thus, such as extension of the compulsory education period atmosphere and configure the grade in many high schools because the same age group and the even older sense quite strong in. For example to graduate at the age of 18 at the age of 15 he enrolled at the high school students are common, but it more than 1-year-old senior used alone, or alienation by school the admission even lost or to. So impacted, these trend to advance decision in the General high school as much as possible positive is taken into custody suppress handling. Where age elements there have been taking the course principles like this one too and also assessed and credits is easy for positive detention rate of 0.6% lower learning principles rather than registration to close form. May have turned down on its own minimum age non-admission is usually entrance age limit is not especially national high schools and high schools, at each school admissions are decided by their [65] (rōnin examination for high school in detail). You may refuse admission rōnin of what makes public high school, though it is not. Or how much has just graduated from high school in recent years for not the curriculum principle much functioning shown above is the main purpose of the high school knowing scholarship but it is said that almost, not knowing, diploma ruin. 'College students can't fractions' the book becomes a bestseller, lowering in student scholarship college students to the world known fraction calculation is not only made, but much more in high school people there quite a few funny is not. Graduated from high school this way for the ruin of education have been noted, some intellectuals are starting's theory exam to graduate from high school. People remember what what high school is the hardest part of course otherwise challenging high school, bottom high school students to advance hard, but unlike the University high school is a lot for the separately is subtle, and the prestige of high school is so much does not pass at the remote location. Management still in recent years, in high school is increasing, and do not grade is enabled. For more information see school system and flexible. Also, and from the second year of high school flying entrance beginning escape from the years of socialism. Out there some high school, but many of the high school as shown above in the same year age group is close to that age is not concentrating on youth. For example comparing full-time high school and correspondence high school and high school, and high student ages average, same grade are different age groups, but little age principle element does not exist. There is low because this is a school lot of correspondence and part-time senior high school, but originally did for key workers, is an active duty applicants after graduation is for. However, because many of the high school full-time course, wide range of ages of part-time and correspondence throughout high school statistics appearing in easily. Furthermore, more rōnin ratio in higher vocational schools (vocational school high school student), trend of age principle is thin. Also vocational ability development (ordinary vocational training ordinary course), have not age principle will be eligible for this stage of education. However, SDF school (SDF boy students educational Corps, of ground SDF boy Polytechnical School, MSDF No. 1 technical school, ASDF, aviation education) such as upper age limit is. Each city high school students age tendencies are # statistics questionnaire of section see [66]. Even if they give up after that because its activity field meeting age limit by Club, the person in question belongs to the [67]. # Science School society in's see also theory. Higher education [Edit, Seen some cases University in the almost completely course principle operational improvements and a lack of in by 留年 they stay on. Also, that many college students from the age of 18 in twenties, but compared to high school age and a little uniformity, so little age atmosphere. Cannot graduation for all universities are taking flexible, credits are not enough. But not has very strong course principles as other countries, not taking years of principle. For example a 4-year universities in excellence no matter how impossible is even to graduate in two years, and also the 3 years following few graduates. Also comparing various foreign universities in some common University admissions is difficult, although there is a difference of the difficulty of the unit certified by professors and mean or graduation is easy, and, repeating a year by the minority. In this way, usually enrollment period period of and dramatically shifting less. Also from the 17-year-old fly admission except school fraction of not being followed (however possible foreign school graduates). However early graduation to graduate in three years in recent years is also increasing gradually (2007 fiscal year now, 40 University), carried out from years of socialism has started coming out. At non-regular course students under the age of 18 students are possible as well (University of Japan, etc.). However, for five Japan Coast Guard Academy defence University, National Defense Medical College,, weather (, National University Aviation Safety University will admissions IE job (staff of concerned ministries and agencies) and the entrance age (as noted in the list () is limited. That was also significantly higher age case, but 2005 Gunma University medicine 55-year-old students to older reasons fail due to Court the case occurred. Even in the twenties, not age restrictions stated in some private University School of medicine, but multi-lang student admission is difficult and we have. Also it has been held to fly from the second year of high school enrollment in some universities, and limited to 17-year-old high school sophomore Chiba University and meijo University 18 years of age or if you don't have the qualification. Seems that reach young talent rather than enroll simply capable of high students this purpose purpose info. In addition, high school is not as still is problematic is the lack of the ability of graduates by the ease of the graduation guarantee. But about this so-called brand University's (old hurdle universities in Imperial University) of also the problem that is credible graduates in that conventional wisdom, but conversely gives birth to school name society. Graduate school of in the almost completely course principle operational improvements and a meritocracy. In addition, in the term of freedom. Begins from the master's program also begins from the doctoral program, where possible. To get a degree in the doctoral program, has become learning principles, or to complete the operation. Japan from abroad studying in [Edit, Generally a foreign high school than Japan age of a is said to be loose restrictions. However, while Japan domestic foreign international program provides up to 18-year-old high school students and primary target older otherwise impossible for many. That is not not like this, although abroad without age limit should be aware. For example one of foreign study abroad and student exchange programs in the Association of AFS Japan and YFU Japan International Foundation, applicants can apply a birthday is provided. Including some suppliers in the school refusal from proclaims that bounce back and abroad publicity or publish books under the name, such as overseas education consultants in international magazines and posting or guidance, but those books and magazines to the unwritten have age limit can be. However, sometimes there is actually quite strict age. It can be said that the meaning of a program to target just active students of the minimum age to high age adolescents generally, truancy and graduated from the format isn't participating in social activities is often because the thin. In other countries past and present [Edit, This section is the written in. Retouch, corrections dew looking for contributors to. So conceive the fallacy still cultivated under strong age principle Japan Japan to article thinking patterns are written foreign educational systems for example in the blacklist [68]. Nursery school and first secondary education (k-12) [Edit, To the world, and France, old is not operational cases, countries have age principle underlying often, such as the Soviet European countries covers basic course principles, Japan as rigid. Some pointed out that early screening gives adversely to the "loser" in the United Kingdom, however, is adopted in double track-school system and Germany. In the the school attendance rate 5, gross school attendance rate is net school attendance rate significantly higher than national students of all ages who attended school. France [Edit, For taking a course principle from elementary school France in the pretty positive detention is much 1987 statistical, 5th grade of standard age of 60% of older persons is 37% in the low age of 2.5% was in. However, to seize domestic opinion only positive things isn't necessarily. In addition to prevent the positive custody tutoring class (sutsien) is done. End of compulsory education period on the other hand, taking the age principle about exit criteria for the compulsory education period, and even complete the junior high course also becomes a 16-year-old. There can be, even if that when elementary school students. See also France education. (5-Star. NAA had not failed! (elementary school in France)) (positive detention for Jie ~. Jeanne and arc wind?! ママゴン education (elementary topics in France) for (advanced placement) Furthermore, there are claims and formally rather than repeating extension ([1]). Primary education coarse school attendance rate 104.8% (2004), net school attendance rate is 98. 94% (2004) and the institutional plan 比定 age range who is 94.4%. Secondary education gross school attendance rate is 110% (2004), net school attendance rate is 96. 5% (2004) and institutional planning 比定 age range who is 86% [37]. United States [Edit, United States melting pot said. Have complicated circumstances.United that are generally mathematical class according to capacity organisation, so is the basic age principle while achievement gaps by some addresses the issue is. But from around the 1970s "return to basic movement" is a by State mean and graduated from at minimum basic skills testing being carried out. It is said that not because of its prevalence, also entered the teens in a University, and thus cannot be moved up by the performance 飛び級 employs also, necessarily is run only in age principle. Also, because the United States varies quite education categorically not discussed. There are schools will no longer enrolled in 20 + years many older color also strongly American high school. And tend to being seen as the fetters of age, such as advanced placement, but actually difficult with age high school is the degrees of freedom is not necessarily expensive. In that situation and problems, such as many immigrants speak English, such as course principles and social inequalities will be brought to the various considerations require. It is said that supplement its trade-offs make outstanding advanced placement, American high school Japan high school curriculum is slower than the. See also the education in the United States. Historically, end of 19th century program principle is common, and to the twentieth century progressive education exercise influence age principle became commonplace in. Especially in New York and Philadelphia city since the 1940's 100% advance policy were adopted. But around the 1980s education reform movement and issued a 22% positive custody by ages in both cities on. Standard deviation the grade (grade) another average age of's, from 1 to 9, the students in 7.3-16.6, while in 1952, 6.8-9.6 is narrowing [69] in 1918. The average age of the school year 2 annual survey of change much has not shown any is 52, from 6 months 1 year young was only. Thus, approaches to the early 20th century society, same age tend to be seen. Also in the early 20th century and also had up to 18-year-old enrollments from a 4-year-old grade 1 clear [70]! There were a lot of rules and still at that time コモンスクール (public schools) can be attended school until the age of 21. Measures, such as summer is held from around the year 2000, has been throughout the active introduction of the principle to the elementary school curriculum from the opposition for social promotion (automatic advance system a number of years), so don't make a no child left behind on the other hand, do [71]. There are, however, due to the deprecation of social promotion appeared negative failure example [72]. Every grade school age statistics exist in the 2003 census [73] [74]. Knowing that is according to it, in low grade, grade 1, even though the minority in the same grade about 5 years old width of different ages for enrollments. Also knowing that over 65 students also 3,000 in grade 7 (equivalent to 1 to Japan) or higher, being students 18 years of age or more,. Up to about 40's in particular final grade 12, some degree enrollments exists. Also advanced placement is somewhat active seen cases, thousands of people at the age of 15 are studying at the University of [75], 15-year-old high school graduates are 330000 people. Also higher education year 5 (Japan degree equivalent to 1 year) to is also extremely ability protectionist aspects that 3,000 people, including 15-year-old Member. Primary education coarse school attendance rate 98% (2004), net school attendance rate is 92. 41% (2004) and the institutional plan 比定 age range is 93%. Secondary education gross school attendance rate is 94% (2004), net school attendance rate 89.34% (2004) and the institutional plan 比定 age range is 94. 36% [37]. Canada [Edit, Canada in the same age of primary education is at the Japan level very high grade 9 to 12 (of Japan 3-330 equivalent) about, not necessarily the same age strong in somewhat different ages who [76]). See also Canada Education. Primary education coarse school attendance rate 100. 19% (2002), net school attendance rate is 99.5% (2001) and the institutional plan 比定 age range who is 99.31%. Gross school attendance rate of secondary education is 108% (2002), net school attendance rate 94. 11% (1999) and the institutional planning 比定 age range is 86. 71% [37]. Germany [Edit, Germany in the compulsory education stage except for grades 1 positive detention often Japan secondary school and link type is equivalent to high school gymnasium goes out 5 to 10% of positive detention students every year. In addition, school age also elasticity is being. School any student academic difficulties because they are in junior high school level students skills competency by divide into vocational education-middle school type gymnasium, type レアルシューレ ハウプトシューレ double track-school system, it is possible that respondent. School-mature idea, since elementary school time width have are kept repeating in the elementary school because of this, from a. See also Germany education. Primary education coarse Slovakia both men and women 103% net school attendance rate both men and women 98%, and institutional planning 比定 age range is 95%. Net school attendance rate is unknown (2004), school gross school attendance rate is 100% a [37]. Brazil [Edit, As Latin America of other countries and, in the Brazil master has strong pale color of age. For this reason, isolated cases facing Japan school age principle comes to Tokyo Japan to Brazil workers children are confused. Further, taking into account the problem of language and not entering school be seen cases. 14-Year-old is 76% experienced positive detention in [77]. Tentatively, was banned in 1999, about four years of primary education early positive custody based on academic achievement evaluation, repeating a year decreased somewhat [78]! But at the 2000 advance rate became less expensive and cannot be said, also because of the country in large regional differences, for institutional planning 比定 age in elementary education students is a 6 percent in the Northeast, but keep in Paulo is that around 20% [79]. Cases entered elementary school at the age of 20 is [80]. See also Brazil education. Primary education coarse school attendance rate is 140% (2003), net school attendance rate 92.93% (2003) and the institutional plan 比定 age range who is 65%. Gross school attendance rate of secondary education 102. 03% (2003), net school attendance rate is 75. 67% (2003) and the institutional plan 比定 age range is 74. 4% [37]. Australia [Edit, Estimated in Australia, as shown below are studying wide age range of people at secondary education level. This level is quite rare in developed countries. See also Australia education. Primary education coarse school attendance rate 102% (2004), net school attendance rate is 95... 75% (2004) and the institutional plan 比定 age range is 93%. Gross school attendance rate of secondary education 148. 56% (2004), net school attendance rate is 85. 49% (2004) and the institutional plan 比定 age range is 57% in [37]. Singapore [Edit, Course proceeds through the ability from elementary school Singapore, gifted education-minded is stronger, is different. Elementary school up to 3 years is rather positive detention, thereafter shall pass elementary school exam until the age of 13 positive custody should be. See also Singapore education. Republic of Korea [Edit, Advanced placement are rare does exist positive detention in the elementary school in the Republic. See also the education of the Republic of. Primary education coarse school attendance rate 104. 79% (2005), net school attendance rate is 99. 37% (2005) and the institutional plan 比定 age range who is 94%. Gross school attendance rate of secondary education are 57.7% (2005), net school attendance rate is 90. 44% (2005) and the institutional plan 比定 age range is 97. 35% [37]. People's Republic of China [Edit, May be made incorporated disagree with Japan school grade children immigrated to the Japan rural and urban areas across the the school age people's Republic of China in the trend, there are still many problems. School age is 6 years and in 2006, and elementary school for 5 years and under are half a million people, while at the age of 5 had even the example of 6th grade, the more deviation method and study on [81]. See also the of the people's Republic of China education. Roughness of education Slovakia men 112% women 111% net school attendance rate both men and women 100%, 比定 age range of institutional planning is 89% in. Secondary education gross school attendance rate is 72% (2004), with net school attendance rate is unknown there [37]. Global and regional [Edit, Sub-Saharan (black African) and South Asia school age refers to the third page of the this file 5–3 (sub-Saharan) and Figure 6 (South Asia). Knowing that enrollments of width is several years old in the same grade both. Age range tend be widely becoming especially sub-Sahara, high grade. Rough world of primary education Slovakia men 108% women 103% NET Slovakia men 90% and 87% female, institutional planning 比定 age range who is 83... 88% in. Secondary education coarse Slovakia men 68% female, 64% NET Slovakia men 61%, 60% women, institutional planning 比定 age range who 91.66% in. [37]. Higher secondary education rate of 比定 age range is likely due to following reasons. Low school attendance rate of secondary education is in developed countries tend small difference between the school attendance rate of elementary education and secondary education school attendance rate, and high school attendance rate of elementary education in non-developed countries tend to be. High rate of 比定 age range of the elementary and secondary education in the developed countries and have a low tendency in non-developed countries. Because of this, increase the percentage of students enrolled in primary education than developed countries who are of secondary education students enrolled developed content numbers easier to get. In other words, seems in many countries, rather than elementary education and secondary education is 比定 age range rate is high country, a lot actually, elementary education is 比定 age range rate is high. Common [Edit, Often developing in school system is in the course principles and years of socialism. Also in these countries, many younger workers, adult non-do age principle operations for literacy of many, and only very few people education not getting it. (See for the rich and healthy and "clever" child Steiner Education) in Steiner Education educational content is determined individually for each age has age principle. To organize the different ages mixture ranged Montessori at the 3-year-old class. Japan article 1 school full-time is almost and the current time of day a long way in among all the countries. Institute has become a half-day lessons of class time in Japan elementary school system in developed countries, is seen. For this reason, Japan schools tend to have pleasurable social education and home education do strong. However, not necessarily for going nuclear family and working parents can education fully at home, is not such a system is not only the negative aspects. Higher education [Edit, Mean and graduation difficult University in many countries, and taking the acquisition principle and the principle of course. Moreover, there is Maung country. Generally higher than the Japan student age. However be terms of conscription, are concentrated in the age groups of male students. Furthermore, in the English-speaking that of older pupils, students (see en:Mature_student) call Mature student (mature student). Literally or imaginatively mature maturity and maturity, but this word is used in the 25-year-old about University. Street to call divide academics over a certain age in this way, the student is a popular belief that juvenile zero isn't. Furthermore, this is based on age only to words so different meaning to adult students. Studies in school education [Edit, Social education facilities, such as libraries and museums are agnostic over the age of the learnerOr take the course principles, in cram school and prep school age principle to take varies but is generally familiar and course. Because if forced Professor cram is intended to achievement or take the age principle and they vary in scholastic attainments group without your consent, from the unattainable goal of achievement is. For example affected was my official expression in the age might be old and curriculum. Assumed that because of these characteristics, education in cram school was familiarity than the common school. However, in some school, "five years students", such as school grade, and organize the class as a basis in this exceptionally on classroom belong to the grade and lower grades, but basically by school grade belongs to is determined. For example , performance Labs junior high school preparatory school, depending on the school grade classes. From the junior high school entrance examination be done around February the 6th grade to pass so that it is intended for funnel time is fixed, and might be. However, simply grade school classes made using only achievement gap Juku has too large, so even in the same year another achievement class organisation and by fluctuations of the scholarship to class substitution frequently. You can cram this school year depends on classes that are general elementary and junior high school age principle so that school classroom organisation also age principle, but conversely has a grade school curriculum by organisation so that course principle. Be easy to use grades and Announces "what grade", and on the other hand, sales correspondence courses and bookshops material by self-study, through contact with other students is not for the people who was in their teaching. Because of this, said that the curriculum principle as long as their grade or age do not. However, if you disagree with the school during school grade textbook compliant materials for becomes a problem. Seen cases, however, still about training for school aid high school following the above color high school following a principle of age, because even some Publishing House, does not assume customers age are likely to e.g. whenever you buy on the Internet age selection on 19 years of age or no such that (of course, also in this case phone's possible). Of actual condition of the school community in [Edit, Or in the Japan school and directly related, not even school and similarly there age principle, course Socialist ideas. You may subject to unpredictable and because of this, at their age that belonged to the grade of the minority. High school baseball strict age limitFor example, if a school student events and Services affects the principle of school age, and in contest sports and high school for high school baseball such as Japan Math Olympics, Japan TV national school quiz Championship such as minimum age than several years old high age and sometimes loses eligibility and age limit is located Academic Suite software use it. In this way, school education and in the not directly scene may have assumed that high school: school, even it is administered by age, and even outside the school exists age influences. Rōnin even very specific about this. Conversely, by students of the school there are position limits can be. For example by 2005 students horse betting to purchase was prohibited. Also, R15 movie is the junior high school students will be banned to even 15 years old or have cleared the age admission. The service cannot be used by any service which is available from 18-year-old high school student, also exists. Usage restrictions that these students are strictly thinking about curriculum, because the system is called no course principle will be controversial, but decide not talented school sort criteria in age criteria, of school societies also affects the course principles of existence and the ILO. Caused also arises to receive those services from the moment you leave, however these ideas for the pupils and they are school, aptitude or might be in question. In fact, 2005 amendments there students betting purchase / transfer prohibited is abolished in horse racing law, became only the under 20 years old is considered prohibited. You might even universities, older and using certain prospective students student loan (Tokyo University of foreign studies was incorporated into the 50s people testimony). Moreover, might impose salary depending on the age, rather than some companies in the time of joining. Moreover, there is a company does not accept high school graduates for new hires in the Ronin experienced person, such as age of the applicant. These things are said that age principle in the corporate environment. Refusing the high age, in the USA, because employment is not permitted. However, the age limit and lower limit is prescribed it, not even in the civil service in Japan is, for example in the Government officials test and public schools teacher recruitment exam. Recognition in general society [Edit, Backed by ideas of age, even in the school system and the originally unrelated scene representations are seen everywhere. For example public docs in elementary and secondary schools and is also assumes that in some cases even high school operated by the older principles. For example in the description of the children's allowance that thus "until the"elementary school 3rd grade written by grade standards, but actually have grades of elementary school in what year will qualify for depends on age, even. Also a leaflet describing a child benefits 2010 begins, without clearly reimbursement maximum age is written to the "junior high school graduation" and, actually education regardless of 15-year-old April 1st day in expires. Also brochure for the vaccination of the Ministry of health and Ministry of education jointly created, see threads 1, 330 age of everyone"and"corresponding to the grade and high school seniors age person", and noted that to junior high school but also high school in society, same age or like representation has been made. That symmetry specific age, rather than every vaccination is that fact that but not their descriptions in this brochure. Assessed when man is like a mechanical life is constant? (Photos are foreign products)Expression pharmacy irrelevant schooling sector even influenced by school age principle is present and over-the-counter medicines for example Lion there things are intended for elementary and middle school students for stopper to 5-year-old to 14 years for using expressions that elementary and middle school students for example. Also financial insurance minimum maturity age has become a producer which assume that when you dock the school age is prevalent, all clients this year age graduates in the school. I don't know which were equated "junior secondary school / high school students 12 to 17 years of age and school stage Disneyland ticket price in the expression and more than 19-year-old high school student rates are going to make a query form. Panasonic made of about electric bulb type fluorescent ad in the life of 30,000 hours "daily 10 hours off 8 years and 2 months and 20 days. Children born elementary school up to three years to life is a very long life. "And from the word" tangible ", born elementary school period of three years to all be the same or like inspire impression was slowing. Was reviewed in 2010, for questions concerning this part established provisions and see what has been represented as less than 18 years old to conjure up the other person's age age or clothes, belongings, grade, background matters display or audio description from recognized as a standard to judge whether the non-existent youth Ordinance on the healthy development of young people, Tokyo amendment appeared, cartoons and other creative works to be under 18 years of age, "classroom bags and uniforms, etc. is described clearly be judged less than 18 years of age. Not less than 18 years of age and look like a girl, such a respect unless express "and have responded. This'll promoting students = less than 18 years of age and, in perspective. Who says [Edit, Ueda SANAE I think at the private school attendance days out, of course, by the result failure and repeating a year makes, but it is also high school students from about. I think that is really required when compulsory education failure and repeating a year will not. Basic basic even preaching the usability study of children not learn about even a mere armchair. Parents, teachers and society are having feelings about that "the failing Banzai!"). (No description of the failure of repeating a year) (business education publishers 'parents to become independent child and parent and not') Takehiko Kariya France such as positive detention in the compulsory education stage is occurring in general but Japan national identity and the education system under effectiveness is questionable. Rapidly expand the scope of the positive indwelling, without any current system gradually improve should be. (Source) Takeo Kawamura Learning principles, such as positive detention in the compulsory education stage should be research. Doubt grade and age is frozen. You want to call parents understanding is required, and a wide range of discussion. (Source) Maekawa Kihei # Japan projection in are discussed. Nobutaka MachimuraNobutaka Machimura Assessed due to the age's a corrupt practice. You could have 20 years of junior high school students and ten-year-old college student. (Original and News) Yamazaki, Hajime Blog "whereabouts unknown three-year elementary school students in diploma" is whether the anecdote?, were to be moved up in force regardless of the intention of the person for that 3 years missing former elementary school students awarded the diploma school trying to be questioned. Japan lawyers ' Association # Japan projection in are discussed. Footnote [Edit, 1.^ Than a footnote in the sociometric positions of mentally retarded children undergoing consolidation education. 2.^ From the English translation of the title of the age principle advance system in practice and theory (1). 3.^ Is not synonymous with "primary and secondary school stage" and "elementary education and secondary education level early. At school-excess students studying at school age principle is thin. 4.^, Even though from the standpoint however, grades is that learning phase and by academic school year divided should be in the school year further by Scholastic classroom by classification, and on that is below grade level classroom achievement is higher than the lower class of the school year is inherently impossible. However, because rather than under the age of grade is determined by the achievement of equivalent age, this is questioned often don't. 5.^ And had education of junior high school students in Nagano, Kagoshima irregular elementary school age of high theory, too. 6.^ "Lower elementary school HA six-year-old yori nine-year-old mate choice grade HA ten-year-old yori 13 years old Matheny graduated from the セシムルヲ law toss Bantan circumstances gyori 一概ニ line ハレサル: HA regarding Thermo jamming ケナシトス", "low junior high school HA 14 years old yori 16 years old mate choice junior high school HA seventeen-year-old yori nineteen Matheny graduated from the セシムルヲ law toss", "various folk school HA men's 18-year-old women's 15 years old or more ノモノニ occupation-between academic Wo 授ケ and twelve-year-old yori seventeen-year-old Materno who-occupation Wo waveguide Kanka for mark RA sono industry Wo Professor Qu reason NI 多ク night-practice アラシムヘシ" and been reviewed to minimum age, but the maximum age for elementary school, junior high school, this is under the education laws after the war, including unparalleled in other things seems. Minimum age is indirectly defined in the current regulations, but not stipulated maximum age. On the other hand, "College d. higashihairu students HA graduated from the elementary school curriculum Te foreign language school-lower school Wo 踏ミ Tal Mo shitteita shite age 16 years old or more タルヘシ", "foreign language school HA foreign languages d. slwo we want College トスルモノニシテ d. input ルモノ or HA 通弁, etc. Wo hunt greed スルモノ of this school (4 入リ lab industry sheshi falls this school (4-ルモノハ elementary school curriculum Wo graduated from the シタルモノニシテ age 14 and older タルヘシ" of it about foreign language school, vocational school and did not stipulated age limit. 7.^ Kanji problems assessed trials or monthly test is unknown. 8.^ Statistical publications, Hiroshima Prefecture Showa 11 Edition (Excel file) in according the entrance at age 12-year-old from 18 years old or so, graduation at age 17-year-old from 28-year-old inexpensive by year example 33-year-old can be. Is not in the public or private. On the other hand, girls ' high school for the age for students at the junior high school somewhat narrower than is the width of a number of years. High woman graduation at age no statistics. According to , Tokushima prefecture statistics book 72 pages (PDF) a lot of students from the 12-year-old 15-year-old had spill width 4-year-old is why during the Showa single-digit rapidly age of 12 and 13-year-old 2-year-old width converging to go. High woman is similarly at the same time age range is the narrow. 9.^ Mie statistical publications (PDF) 10.^ See page 30 or later of the regional old system higher education institutions use layer of comparative analysis. That there is a Ronin, rather than in active duty students in four cases in this document, are described. 11.^ According to Kubota, Jo of the year 1899 (Meiji 32) Lecture "graduating college actually is flagrant average age: 26, 7, if more than 30 years of age can be during" (modern translation) and of that. 12.^ An example 13.^ Will be cannot add age if they really cared, period other than the educational system in the elementary school over school age limits have not been established, except in pre-school education. However, after the war if it limits lower school age is pretty strict because it reached age both in the sense of "minimum age that may belong to the school year is no problem. 14.^ "From ages ages from the compulsory education" and to explain in writing, or age gauge if age gauge good do notation, such as shading to. To represent accurately, Japan of World War II in compulsory education end with age and the curriculum principle if was, will be in both school and older gauge display. 15.^ There is a rough survey and census data derived from school almost not. 16.^ However, had identified themselves with the junior high school junior high school of law at the time, but also various school treats high school and junior high school, and someone is here also statistics have become. Confirmed, Ken junior high school in the treatment of various schools in school age statistics. 17.^ Hiroshima Prefecture statistics book 1911, (Excel) private broadband Ling junior high school. 18.^ About the school for the blind three-County statistics book 1940 (PDF), referred to. Mie Prefecture's school for the blind have older deaf schools are not so referred to Hiroshima. 19.^ Hiroshima Prefecture statistics book 1911, (link to Excel) 20.^ By 21.^ According to the Japanese literacy 識字 man 9%, 6% of women in 1882 in Shiga Prefecture. Far from Kyoto station is considerably lower. 22.^ Enrollments over 7 years and is zero in the census not legal is to preschool, and there is a definite age limit is not. Should however be example actually enrolled and expected even while you are studying Grace children enrolled in the of the Ministry of education document and nursery joined Office guidelines supplement FAQ. 23.^ Original relationship is thin, but such descriptions is performed in multiple books. 24.^, In this case completion of compulsory education age criteria because school attendance obligation after school-era does not exist. 25.^ For breakdown, such as school species not found in any census is unclear. 26.^ Is the original text here (Excel file), in Excel format for the content posted on the s: 2000, census survey table 14. In this time quotes shown in bold in the table of figures. 27.^ For example, at night, such as the degree of junior high school, part-time and correspondence high school, adult students, or foreign nationals. 28.^ For secondary education school master course of treatment not otherwise stated. 29.^ Made and halves the number of 16-year-old census field. Only be approximate. 30.^ Census data, not total data by middle school and special schools middle school. Different sources and may one day can have a slightly inaccurate by time and 1,000 units. 31.^ "Elementary school students age 16 or over" in the left figure considered as "junior high school students over 16 years old. About the school-excess person is in as well. 32.^ Plus number of junior high school students as well as 19-year-old Census section number equally. Only be approximate. 33.^ Total statistical table 16 and older pupils of 40000 9254 Oren. When you add 7208 people considering, and can not exist add to this survey in 15 year old and in 15 years immediately before April 1, at one time, more than half of the number of people on a one-year-old age, elementary school and total number of school-aged children excess for studying at junior high school and equivalent course is a little larger than 50000 6462 people comes from. Because census data in the child students of school 11510000 825, children of school age exceeding than 0.49% of all pupils rather there are a lot to would be. Because it seems however in fact most of junior high school and middle school students is the number 412 14,000 students on them (2000, Ministry of education) and compared to the children of school age exceeding than 1.37% of all students slightly more exists comes from. 34.^ Statistical tables, to sum up more than 19-year-old students and pedagogues 120000 9450. , And then add 20000 8356 people considered and also add to this, and 18 years of age at the survey in 18 years immediately before April 1, at one time, more than half of the number of people on a one-year-old age there will be judged high school, and the same school total number of students in school "3-year high school graduation possible minimum age" excess 7799 150000 people more somewhat more would be. Census data, the number of students of these schools is 4340000 1657 people, because "three-year high school graduation possible minimum age" excess students than 3.63% of all students slightly more exists would be. Also exists a four-year high school fourth graders about 16,000 people, but this time all as a "three-year high school graduation possible minimum age" excess students treated. 35.^ And under the assumption of 2000 by the Ministry of education of junior high school students number 412 people based on 16 years of census field elementary school have totally mixed not to calculate (for cases you are actually quite few seem that margin of error. ), Junior high school students 16 years and older will and 1.19% (adjustment by birth, as school-excess by calculating and 1.36%). 36.^ た だ し, 30 years old and の single デ ー タ が な alone the に い の で, cheap 29 years old and を binary し た の 105 people. 37.^ a, b c d e f g h I j School enrollment, primary>%gross,, July 26, 2010 access to LAN. Primary gross enrolment rate School enrollment, primary>%Net,, July 26, 2010 access to LAN. Pure primary education enrolment School enrollment, secondary>%gross,, July 26, 2010 access to LAN. Secondary gross enrolment rate School enrollment, secondary>%Net,, July 26, 2010 access to LAN. Pure secondary education enrolment There was only a year away out net school attendance rate and gross enrollment Germany elementary education and elementary education in China stated otherwise by using the above website data, but data for using the UNICEF World Kids white paper 2010, beta data. As well as in-world data. 38.^ Mitigation of career consciousness in Okinawa Prefecture high school dropout and truancy (part I)-Fujiwara Yukio, book, t. k., Hasegawa Hiroshi, Murakami Lu RI, Mimura Kazunori 39.^ School Guidebook page 12-14 whose descriptions not age equivalent academic principles, but there are exceptions. 40.^ Is not however for the children not resident registration provisional admission to apply this in. 41.^ Guilty of various risk only for admission for 1 or 2 years younger even if only the lower limit of the age you misrepresent the age for some schools, the benefits are not considered. Reverse age limit must address spoofing is a school for permanent admission able to enough which can be thought as motivation. But the fact that Japan school system from elementary school to graduate school is the number of enrollments elongated is conical, from middle school to enroll suddenly have ties to lower school is uncommon, in many cases, from elementary school to plan realistically address spoofing it is hard. (For example the school-age without going to school, in visibility and high visibility gets suddenly enroll in high school and College who are uncommon. Also in (or date of birth is listed under certificate in recognition of those of you familiar note please) visibility and high use special means, such as private while you lying about age because visibility to also include the resident requires transfer to lying about age high school freshmen be difficult) 42.^ That you have in each classroom that differ only in that one minute quantities of practice is not difficult. 43.^ 01-Presentation-Announces March 44.^ a b, but the municipality by Board of education to difference, and no school-excess person if not there. For example to grade transfer foreign educational opportunities: age of... Gifu Prefectural Education Center (original) of the article, contrary to the notification of the Ministry of education is seeking age equivalent grade transfer independently. However, can take lower grade belongs to a real grade classes have (of course, by this means just in 3 classes he/she is will be). Also by JH excess collect tuition legal reasons as "giving the free education on school-overtime sense of injustice is from" but even better, so this theory does not consist. 45.^ Foreign transfer: improve some "below grade" repeating"tolerate-daily newspaper. However to have been extinguished page address is blog nuked. 46.^ Association multicultural multicultural education Division and more-and now after moving into Tsu in other municipalities in small capsules 6 in 2 cases are described. 47.^ However, they got the older terms in the children's allowance and child allowance laws no such desire too. Is the original one by the Ministry, Ministry of health and Member is responsible for the passage of this Bill. 48.^ Replace once distributed 2010 survey paper, because our research paper thing of small-scale studies about school answers column does not exist, so desirable. 49.^ May be answered in time to draw the conclusions actually seeking answers about school-excess person admission too time-consuming for the enrollment of more than six months before you want. 50.^ For example is its labor costs for increase number of teachers is one classroom capacity 40 people in the class size increases from 37 to 40 people will be tough class number increases, 40-41 people and increases the class number, separated from the class of the 21 people and 20 people. But never for line increases this class number admitted by school age exceeded by more than the need to be accepted to the adjacent school, the labor costs increases. 51.^ Response 52.^ There is no basis, compulsory education schools school age is constant, but realistically going age principle compulsory education systems in the Union of school age. However, and difficult to enforce age restrictions, such as correspondence courses are also difficult for private high force. 53.^ Miyazaki members submit article 2-seems at night junior high school teacher and author. Rather than inheritances is not necessarily at night JFBA things mentioned in sentence, but acceptance into general secondary schools as well. I don't have representation and to also school-excess of compulsory education, but in school-excess person is subject to compulsory education. 54.^ Night junior high school-(1) night junior challenge - 1955, the 1968, more than 5,000 400, 1999, 3424, 2007 2441 people, September 2009 2718 people's. 55.^ Interview content videos appeared on the net. Following the Nico Nico douga (subscription required) 1 2 3 and than 1 external player who (registration required, however only watch) 1 2 3 4 56.^ Manifest Bill in addition, this Bill was submitted at the time, is eligible to receive a "until the"junior high school graduation and the notation to as the "end of compulsory education" was mixed notation to. 57.^ Is referred to as children until the age of the extent in other laws such as the child welfare law ¤ children 17 years old is the orphanage extension after retirement to in 20 years, so it's fair. 58.^ In this case, is whether that can be incorporated into the elementary school unknown. 59.^ However, people studying at school in the 30s but like the above reasons, officially called "child".... 60.^ 12 Years and older who are somewhat according to the school basic survey by age number of enrollments (Excel file) school-excess is rare). 61.^ The school education law: parents are obligated until the end of the school year belongs to day after day 6 aged children reached reached 12 years old since the beginning of the first year after the date this send to elementary school elementary school or special schools to school. However, until the end of the year belongs to date reached fifteen years old when not completed by the end of the school year belongs to date child reaches 12 years old elementary school elementary school or special schools (end of year belongs to the completed date when completed the course in the meantime) and you. 62.^ Might, however, expected to graduate from elementary school 13 years or older only an indirect age limit, so people can student by individual schools. 63.^ Opportunity to learn: foreign reporters of child-daily newspaper Nakamura or give on October 21, 2010. Retrieved on November 8, 2010. In this article as a newspaper article unusual age principle for depth being criticism. 64.^ Okinawa Central School-excess person number high, but in the 16-year-old about especially high. National average is 16 years old with 0.42% 16-year-old 0.12% and Okinawa is 16 years old 0.57% in 16-year-old 0.22%. 65.^ Thing it looks there is for example, the 茗 River School high school sophomore when 's 17-year-old senior thesis event but this name itself society, in the same year age's assumption. This high school in the 2009 fiscal year eligibility rather age limit, rōnin of applicants be possible. Hotel Junior is the age limit but that allows filing of past students (junior high school in such eligibility is a minority, many high school are accepted only active). But know it is the awareness that even in such a school, as stated above to high school in the same year age naturally. 66.^ 2 Fukushima and Kagoshima prefectures are understood and we tend to get into high school freshmen regional top public high school to take out famous, but contrary to its image and see numerically currently spends much more than 19-year-old students not high. The 2000 census national average 19 years of high school students 2. 98% of all high school students at. In the country stats Tokyo 5.23%, Kanagawa is 4.21% Osaka is 3.87%, Fukushima is 1.82%, Kagoshima is 1.79%,. And higher hourly part-time high school and correspondence high school area, these results are possible. 67.^ Gave Club affiliation to Osaka - page 3, again high school student age limit by volleyball Club meeting to go would be examples that exist. 68.^ With children from abroad (mother tongue education in] Chiba Pref. 2010, July 27, reading. -In this article the course principles, such as France a strong country is even guilty of writing and on like this? "be compulsory education from elementary school year (6 years) up to a junior high school four years (16 years) nine years" secures the grade and age of compulsory education and decaying determined by grade curriculum principle to a double mistake. (Actual France assessed course principle in compulsory education age principle) 69.^ However, 18-year study urban schools, and the 1977 survey was selected from 25% of the students entire splitting is. 70.^ Vertical formations in the United States of the elementary and secondary education in general education and vocational education and related issues page 33 Yoshimi Tanaka 71.^ Latest California education information-basic scholastic attainments-1999.2.11-home page of Dr. Narita (personal site), Yoko Saito California news 2010 November 8, reading. In how World 2001 7 - information on education reform --about summer school 72.^ day-to-day machinery of, A.R.N [diary]-they are both personal blog. Books ' management based on the fact--why "duh" is or not? "of reference and. Retrieved on November 8, 2010. 73.^ School Enrollment--Social and Economic Characteristics of Students: October 2003-reading U. S. Census Bureau 2010 July 25th. 74.^ Single Grade of Enrollment and High School graduation girl Status for People 3 Years Old and Over, by Sex, Age (Single Years for 3 to 24 Years), Race, and Hispanic Origin: October 2003 (Excel file) July 25, reading - 2010. You could size is 1,000 units, so blank even exists until 499 employees. 75.^ Is like including University College and only written by this statistic is. 76.^ 2006 Student Census: System Overview of 5 pages. Toronto District School Board 2010, July 25, reading. 77.^ Overseas labor topics Brazil 2010, July 29, reading. 78.^ Foreign Affairs Ministry of foreign school information 2010, July 28, reading. 79.^ In Brazil elementary education reform policy Ehara, Hiromi retrieved 29 July 2010. 80.^ Ties with the citizens of oizumi-machi, Brazil people Musashi University talk 2010 July 29, reading. Where you request that the person oizumi-machi,, Hasegawa Hiroshi Mayor Japan in age principle to ease the Mayor agreed. 81.^ Ling before admission ゆ う み の ペ ー ジ へ よ う こ そ! (personal サ イ ト)-ほ と で あ ん ど は 1 year annual は 5,486 る が, 2, 3-year annual は は 72, 4-9, 5-year annual は は, 4 6 1 person と, ご く わ ず か の が あ る な が ら high school year. reference literature [set code] Okuda true ten feet, heyezhong male and An Yanzhong Yan-Duan "event code now on behalf of school education" (all 7 Juan) in 1993, ぎ ょ う せ い ISBN 4324037191 (Jue version, the new version (ISBN 4324064156) あ り) "Curriculum Righteousness, year ling Righteousness" Details Gu Junfu, Okuda true ten feet, heyezhong men, this wild good customs clearance "event code of a new pedagogy" (all 8 Juan) in 1990, the first method specification for ISBN 4474147405 (Jue Edition) "Former senior lien", "year" and "school system" Ling cunxingyan "specification for か ら み た school education law long · teaching position の Office position encyclopedia" in 2004, Institute of education open 発 ISBN 4873808863 (circulation) 162~163 ペ ー ジ "Curriculum の · stroke IND の certificate" hole To open, begin, inform Kasuya Masahiko "for principals and vice-principals of school facilities / Office management encyclopedia" in 2005, the Institute for education development research ISBN 487380891X (in circulation) Page 58-59 "positive detention" 堀和 Kitaro Yukihiko 菱村 ' education eyes and eye of law ' in 1992, Education Development Institute ISBN 4873802237 (in circulation) 16-19 Pages "avoid failing educational climate, graduated from the refusal and advance certification 菱村 Yukihiko 菱村 / Shimomura Tetsuo eye II eye education and law of 1994, Institute for educational development research ISBN 4873802458 (in circulation) Page 34-35 "truant pupils gyou Shimomura 'Education laws and controversies' 1994, Institute for educational development and research (out of print). Page 142-143 "promotion and graduation certification standards for what they think" Shigeru takami 'Teaching and learning-evaluation of controversies' 1994, Institute for educational development and research (out of print). Page 96-97 "is any controversy over the advance system?" forest-Hoon "Supplemental teaching training 2005 No.8 August issue 2006 countermeasures fundamentals to the principal, vice-principal, and teaching staff selection" in 2005, the Education Development Institute 28-29 Page "Introduction to compulsory education curriculum and learning principle Masaaki hayo 'New education law reader' 1992, Institute for educational development and research (out of print). 150-153 Page Nakatani Biao "diploma and positive detention" Hideo SATO cultural history 2 school 2005, Aun, ISBN 4900590819 (in circulation) There is detailed consideration of the prewar School of school age. Kobayashi Tetsuo? 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See also [Edit, Comparative education Age limit Age grade system Curriculum and learning principles-periodic inspections The school age - age - grade - Advanced placement - promotion - ) - school system and unit - school system and students'life system - school system and grade Special support education-early education Achievement - scholastic ability decline - academic sluggish - no child left behind - scum spill External link [Edit, Educational history Division of educational history article Overview of the compulsory education system in each country About the compulsory education system in Japan (at the bottom article and) Elementary secondary education Subcommittee in major opinion about-however so assessed and compulsory education ends (completed) standards are not clearly needs attention. Fundamental proposition to the modern school of Matsuno Kenji Papers published in education philosophy 1980 retrieved 25 July 2010. -Age principle criticism. It was already up for this time deserves special mention. Or the legal school age and school term of restriction of such writing is in the body, but limit is not legal. create a more " Category: that Wikipedia requires articles / March 2008 | Education | Education | School | Discrimination | Older | School age ⼼潦瑮㰾港獯牣灩㹴⼼浸㹰⼼潮浥敢㹤⼼汰楡瑮硥㹴⼼潣浭湥㹴⼼潮捳楲瑰㰾猯祴敬ാ㰊䍓䥒呐䰠乁啇䝁㵅䨢癡卡牣灩≴ാ㰊ⴡഭ戊潲獷牥䕉㴠⠠慮楶慧潴⹲灡买浡⁥㴽∠楍牣獯景⁴湉整湲瑥䔠灸潬敲≲㬩਍晩⠠牢睯敳䥲⥅笠਍††晩⠠猡汥⹦牵⥬笠਍†††猠汥⹦牵‽✧഻ †素਍††晩⠠慰敲瑮渮浡⁥㴡✠楲扢湯❢
ൻ †††整瑳㴠眠湩潤⹷灯湥∨瑨灴⼺爯扩潢⹮潴栯瑴摰戯湡敮彲潣⹭桰≰‬爢扩潢扮Ⱒ∠敲楳慺汢㵥敹ⱳ楷瑤㵨㠵ⰰ敨杩瑨ㄽ〸⤢഻ †素਍敽獬筥਍††晩⠠猡汥⹦牵⥬笠਍†††猠汥⹦牵‽✧഻ †素਍††晩⠠慰敲瑮渮浡⁥㴡✠楲扢湯❢
ൻ †††整瑳㴠眠湩潤⹷灯湥∨瑨灴⼺爯扩潢⹮潴栯瑴摰戯湡敮彲潣⹭桰≰‬爢扩潢扮Ⱒ∠敲楳慺汢㵥敹ⱳ楷瑤㵨㔵ⰰ敨杩瑨ㄽ〵⤢഻ †素਍ൽ⼊⴯㸭਍⼼䍓䥒呐ാ㰊低䍓䥒呐㰾⁰污杩㵮挢湥整≲‾愼爠汥∽潮潦汬睯•牨晥∽瑨灴㩳⼯楢晴祬牥樮㽰晢瘽楫㉰漴≭琠瑩敬∽楢⁴楬歮•慴杲瑥∽扟慬歮㸢犃抃枃劃䎃鎃ꪂ랂꺂즂莔Ꚃ⼼㹡㰠⁡敲㵬渢景汯潬≷栠敲㵦栢瑴㩰⼯楲扢湯琮⽯楲扢湯江湩⹫桰㽰歫㤽∷琠瑩敬∽慙潨桓灯楰杮•慴杲瑥∽扟慬歮㸢慙潨㱯愯‾愼爠汥∽潮潦汬睯•牨晥∽瑨灴⼺眯睷洮橡⹯潣樮⽰潣灳慬⽹慡慲畫挮楧挿栽瑴㩰⼯癥湥⹴慲畫整⹮潣樮⽰慲歮湩⽧•楴汴㵥訢鍹⁖桓灯楰杮•慴杲瑥∽扟慬歮㸢禊嚓⼼㹡㰠⁡牨晥∽⼯正樮⹰灡瘮污敵潣浭牥散挮浯猯牥汶瑥爯晥牥慲㽬楳㵤ㄲ㘰㘹☳楰㵤㜸㠲㔹㜱∹琠牡敧㵴弢汢湡≫爠汥∽潮潦汬睯㸢椼杭猠捲∽⼯摡樮⹰灡瘮污敵潣浭牥散挮浯猯牥汶瑥术晩慢湮牥猿摩㈽〱㤶㌶瀦摩㠽㈷㤸ㄵ㤷•敨杩瑨∽∱眠摩桴∽∱戠牯敤㵲〢㸢䥌䕎ꪂ暃宁広솏它趃얂躌窊〵褰腾腠㱉愯㰾瀯㰾⁰污杩㵮挢湥整≲㰾晩慲敭映慲敭潢摲牥∽∰愠汬睯牴湡灳牡湥祣∽牴敵•敨杩瑨∽〶•楷瑤㵨㐢㠶•慭杲湩敨杩瑨∽∰猠牣汯楬杮∽潮•牳㵣栢瑴㩰⼯摡樮⹰灡瘮污敵潣浭牥散挮浯猯牥汶瑥栯浴扬湡敮㽲楳㵤ㄲ㘰㘹☳楰㵤㜸㤰㌱㌷∵洠牡楧睮摩桴∽∰㰾椯牦浡㹥戼⁲㸯愼栠敲㵦栢瑴㩰⼯楲扢湯琮⽯•慴敲敧㵴爢湤㸢뎖뾗窃宁肃禃宁垃⼼㹡㰠⁡牨晥∽瑨灴⼺振敲楤捴牡⹤慭摩琮⽯•慴杲瑥∽瑰•阾鞳芿菌荎莌荗荢荧腊荛㱨愯‾愼栠敲㵦栢瑴㩰⼯潦敲杩瑮捩敫⹴慭摩琮⽯•慴杲瑥∽≧訾詃詏衩跀譱賳㲔愯‾愼爠汥∽潮潦汬睯•牨晥∽瑨灴㩳⼯楢晴祬牥樮㽰晢瘽楫㉰漴≭琠牡敧㵴弢汢湡≫褾醼鉺觊軝裦鏸顯譞軆㳒愯‾愼栠敲㵦栢瑴㩰⼯牣摥瑩慣摲洮楡⹤潴∯琠牡敧㵴昢敲捥敲㸢䎊侊랗玍꾌ꪂ뎖뾗䦁⼼㹡㰠⁡敲㵬渢景汯潬≷栠敲㵦栢瑴㩰⼯潦敲杩桮瑯汥洮楡⹤潴∯琠牡敧㵴弢汢湡≫訾詃荏荺荥㲋愯㰾丯协剃偉㹔猼牣灩⁴牳㵣栢瑴㩰⼯睷⹷慭潪挮⹯灪愯灬⹣獪•㰾猯牣灩㹴戼㹲